It’s Cold Outside! Stay Warm With Window Tinting

car in winter with tinted windows

Top 6 Ways Window Tint and Remote Start Keeps You Cozy All Winter Long

It’s time to get up early, put on your winter gear, and brave the elements to warm up your car. Don’t dig out your ice scraper just yet, because you can warm up your ride from the comfort of your house with window tint and remote start. That’s right! Window tinting isn’t just to keep the summer sun out of your eyes, it’s great in the winter, too.

When you combine remote start and window tint, you can stay warm during the coldest days of the year, and stay safe on the road. If you’re ready to experience winter in a whole new way, check out these top 6 reasons you should get a remote start and window tinting this winter.

1. Window Tinting Offers Insulation

Window tint gives your car an extra layer of insulation, which helps trap heat inside your car in the winter and keeps you cool in the winter. This means it will take less time for your car to warm up, which saves you money on fuel.

You don’t need to make your windows dark to experience the insulating benefits of tinting. Standard window tinting comes in four shades of classic grey, so you can have clear, crisp vision when you’re driving.

2. Remote Start Makes Winter Drives Much Easier

When cold weather hits at the end of fall, warming your car up in the morning isn’t so bad. However, once real winter weather sets in, getting your car warm enough to drive is a real chore.

With a remote start, you can turn on your car before you have your first cup of coffee. You can even find remote starts that work with your smartphone, which means you can warm up your car in bed at the touch of a button. Many aftermarket car remote starts can be easily installed by an expert. Be sure to avoid costly mistakes and schedule an appointment with a professional for car remote installation.

3. Window Tint Gives Your Better Visibility When the Weather Gets Rough

For many people, glare is one of the worst parts about driving. Incoming headlights and bright city lights can make driving uncomfortable. It gets even worse with wintry mixes of ice, rain, and snow. Window tint minimizes glare, so you can feel safe when you’re behind the wheel and see the road clearly during winter weather.

Looking for other car accessories or upgrades? Consider getting auto paint protection film to keep your vehicle’s paint safe from salt and road treatments in the winter. You’ll appreciate how your car shines, when it’s time for summer car detailing.

4. Remote Starts are the Safest Way to Warm Up Your Car

Some warm up their cars by turning them on and leaving the keys in the ignition. However, this leaves your car vulnerable to theft. Many states have made laws that prevent you from legally warming up your car with your keys in the ignition, in order to stop car theft.

Fortunately, you don’t have to freeze, because remote start allows you to start your car without the keys. That way, you can safely warm up your car from inside without having to worry about it getting stolen or receiving a hefty fine.

5. Tinted Windows Break Less

It’s no secret that harsh winter weather takes a toll on your vehicle. Extreme temperatures can weaken your windows, making them more likely to break when you have an accident. Window tinting makes your windows strong and helps prevent broken glass from harming passengers inside when you have an accident.

6. Make Your Vehicle Ultra-Climate Controlled by Combining Window Tint and Remote Start

Pack a one, two punch against winter weather by teaming up window tinting and remote start installation. With a remote start, you can start your car at the breakfast table, from the office, or when chilly morning soccer games are about over. Never touch a cold steering wheel again!

Keep the heat inside with an insulating window tint and turn your car into a warm oasis in the dead of winter. Get an upgrade you’ll love all year long! Window tinting is a great way to keep the summer sun at bay. The right window tint can filter out harmful UV rays, keep the inside of your car cool, and save your valuables from getting destroyed by intense heat.

Winter Is Actually a Wonderland When You Get Your Windows Tinted at Auto Image!

Don’t spend another winter out in the cold. Get remote start installation and window tinting for a cozy and easy commute from Auto Image. Our experts can help you choose the right remote start and level of tint for your vehicle, so you can stay comfortable all year around.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for someone who has everything? Window tint and remote starts are surefire ways to impress with your next gift. To request an appointment for remote start installation or window tinting services, contact our store in East Brunswick at (732) 254-2727, our Brick location at (732) 920-0606. Don’t forget to ask about our other car accessories and upgrading your car stereo, too!