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After evaluating the performance, reliability, and value of dozens of remote starter brands and models on the market, we’ve narrowed down our inventory in East Brunswick and Brick to only the best ones. These remote starts, when combined with our expert installation, will provide you with years of service and convenience at the best prices and start your car from up to three miles away.

One-Way Remote Car Starter Models

One-way systems are the most basic ones available. Your remote communicates with your vehicle to start the engine at the press of a button.

3X Lock Remote Start

Keep your keychain clutter-free with this system, which integrates with your factory key fob. Simply press the lock button three times to start your vehicle remotely.

Compustar CS915

This remote starter system includes a pair of one-button remote controls with up to 800 feet of range – the distance between you and your car. The system is a great solution for vehicles that include keyless entry functions on the OEM key fob.

Two-Way Remote Starter Models

Just like with one-way remote start systems, your remote communicates with your vehicle to start its engine when prompted. However, your vehicle responds to the remote to indicate that it received the command and did, in fact, start.

Compustar 2WG15-FM Remote Start System

The Prime G15 remote starter includes a pair of four-button remotes that provide up to 3,000 feet of range. This system is ideal for vehicles with manual transmissions.

Compustar 2WR3

This special Compustar Pro-Series product pairs to any of remote start kits of the same brand, as well as the Drone Mobile unit, so you can control your vehicle’s door locks and ignition with your smartphone.

Compustar PRO T11

Nothing matches the performance of the PRO T11 remote starter. The main remote is waterproof and features an LCD display. It has a built-in lithium-ion power cell and provides up to three miles of range with the easiest-to-use and safest transmission interface available.

Compustar Drone Mobile

Integrate your smartphone into this remote start system that works anywhere you have cell service. Lock, unlock, and start your car, or pop your trunk without having to carry an unwieldy remote on your keyring. The premium service plan includes GPS-based vehicle locating and alert functions for added security.

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Harness the power of a tiny remote or your smartphone and enjoy entering your vehicle at an already-comfortable temperature with a remote start system from Auto Image. See our selection in one of our convenient locations, or call us or contact us online with any questions you have. Make an appointment for installation when you’ve chosen your favorite system. 

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