LED v. HID Lighting Upgrades: Which Is Best for My Vehicle?

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Car Lighting Installation in East Brunswick Will Bring Your Luxury Ride to the Next Level

When you decide you want to upgrade your luxury vehicle, you might not think about its lighting right away. However, lighting upgrades are a great way to optimize your safety and revamp the look and feel of your ride.

Vehicle lighting upgrades look different for every driver. Depending on your personal needs, you’ll want to install either LED or HID headlights. Although these types of lights are similar in certain ways, they also have differences that are important to consider. This then begs the question, “Which one is best for my vehicle?”

At Auto Image, we’re experts when it comes to car lighting installation in East Brunswick and Brick, and provide a variety of lighting upgrades to make your luxury vehicle shine bright.

Knowing more about each light type will help you determine the upgrade that might be best for you when it’s time to advance your automotive lighting.

Getting Started with Aftermarket Lighting Upgrades

Before you start upgrading your vehicle lightning near you, it’s a good idea to assess all your options and learn the differences between them. Both LED and HID headlights are used to help drivers see and be seen at night. Both emit a sufficient range of light of nearly 990 feet. Still, there are a few characteristics that separate these two types of lighting upgrades.

LED Lighting Will Make You Shine Bright

High-efficiency LED headlights are diode lighting upgrades that emit more than twice as much light and instant output compared to your vehicle’s factory headlights. Using semiconductors, they transmit energy-emitting protons that create light. LED lights produce a brightness of approximately 10,000 lumens, making them a great option for high-beam lighting upgrades.

LED lights are more energy-efficient compared to HID options and have a longer lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. Typically, you can expect LED light upgrades to produce a higher-quality light and improved color rendering. Plus, the unique design of LEDs provide optimal brightness the moment they’re turned on, whereas HIDs need time to reach their highest potential.

Achieve the Best Output With HID Lighting

HID, or high-intensity discharge headlights, provide the highest level of output, resulting in ultimate visibility at any speed. Using gas and metals, these lights emit a bright blue-white light when heated.

HID lights last about 24,000 hours before requiring a replacement. Their brightness makes them the best option for nighttime driving. HID light kits are also the more cost-effective option for lighting upgrades in East Brunswick.

Which Lighting Upgrade Is Best For My Luxury Vehicle?

To determine which option is best for your personal vehicle, think about what it is you’re looking for out of your upgrade. Your driving habits and location can also play a big part in what kind of lighting you install into your luxury car.

If you drive mostly during the day, you’ll benefit from LED light installation. But if you find yourself on the road every night, it’s well worth it to install a powerful HID light kit.

HID lights are also useful in rural areas with limited streetlights. Their impressive output ensures you can see everything around you – whether it’s an animal or another driver. This will give you peace of mind behind the wheel and can prevent an accident from occurring.

Drivers living in the city might find that LED lights make the most sense with their needs. They emit a bright light and use less energy compared to other alternatives.

Although you might have a good idea of which light to use for your vehicle lighting upgrade, the only way to be sure is to work with one of our knowledgeable installers at Auto Image. Not only can we help you decide which upgrade is best for your specific needs, but we can ensure it’s properly installed, too.

Install Your New Lighting Upgrade at Auto Image

No matter what kind of headlight you select, car lighting installation in East Brunswick will turn heads and provide you with ultimate visibility on the road. When you’re ready for HID or LED light installation on your luxury vehicle, leave it to our experienced professionals at Auto Image.

During HID and LED light installation, we double-check that the power of your new upgrade is sourced acceptably, install switches to control your lights, and fuse them to protect the wiring of your vehicle. Additionally, we aim your lights to enhance the safety of you and other drivers.

Upgrade the appearance and safety of your car with our automotive lighting near you. Learn more by visiting our website.