The Best Car Accessories for Bangin’ Beach Days

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Summer is here and it’s time to head to the beach!

Summertime is here! The long awaited warm, or even hot, weather and vacation days have come and it’s time to head to the beach. People are heading to the beach for some relaxation, sun, play and swimming in droves. Pack up the car, get on the road (prepare for some traffic, depending on where you are coming from) and make sure you get in some wonderful days in the summer heat before the season is over.

While being at the beach is loads of fun, the preparation for the journey can sometimes be a little difficult. Making sure you have all of your supplies packed and ready to go and then the sometimes longer travel times to the beach are just a few hurdles you have to get through before enjoying your day!

Ensure your car is ready to go this summer with these essential accessories and tips:

Be shady

Save the heat for the beach. No one likes sitting in a hot car, whether it’s as you’re on the road heading to the beach or heading home from a hot day in the sun! Keep your inside cool with window tinting and block those pesky UV rays. Your passengers will appreciate you keeping it cool!

Backseat organizer

Even if you’re going on a solo beach trip you still will need to pack a handful of items like a beach chair, umbrella, cooler, food, beach toys, etc. There’s nothing worse than getting to your desired beach destination and not knowing where you packed your items. Before you go, grab yourself a trunk organizer! Organize and place all of your items in the compartments and you’re ready to go upon arrival. The organizer will also make it easier for you to pack up the car once you’re done for the day!

Get it started

The hot day is done and you’re ready to head home! We all know the feeling of getting into a sweltering car after a long day, with a little too much sand in your bathing suit and sandals. Not the best. Invest in a remote start! While you’re packing up your beach items, you can hit the remote start and let your car cool off before you head out. Give yourself a little extra comfort with this accessory this summer.

The tunes – inside and out!

A great car stereo system is a necessity for a beach day, and trip. Make sure you have an audio system that can play your and your passenger’s favorite music throughout the whole trip. Plan on tailgating a bit in the parking lot before you make your way to the beach? Turn up the volume so folks can hear the great music even outside of the car. Install SiriusXM satellite radio or even Apple CarPlay or Android Auto so you can play your favorites directly from your phone. Improve your car audio today, before your next adventure.

Store your sand cruiser

Working on your tan and swimming is not for everyone. Some may enjoy being more active on the beach and biking or kayaking! Transporting these items can take up a lot of storage within the car. Invest in a bike or kayak rack for your vehicle – whether on the back or up top, you’ll be able to bring all your necessary goods to the beach with you this summer.

Keep the water and sand out

Protect the interior of your car from sand and water (especially if you recently got your car detailed). It’s simple to keep the mess out, just use the beach blanket you packed for the beach. Just make sure you shake off the sand and any debris before you place it down. Even better if you get a sand-repellent blanket to start.

Now that you are equipped with all of the accessories for an amazing care-free beach trip and day, treat your car to a little TLC and make sure you arrive in style, or at least with a sparkly clean car! Take your vehicle for a professional detailing and make sure your car looks it’s best on the outside and feels organized and clean on the inside. And don’t forget to give your vehicle some extra protection with film to help prevent scratches, chips, accidental damage, bird droppings and corrosive rain.

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