The Different Types of Remote Start Systems

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How to Warm Up Your Car From the Comfort of Your Couch

There’s nothing like extreme temperatures to make you dread getting into your car. When the weather is hot, the inside of your car swelters and leather seats are unkind to bare legs. The steering wheel is too cold to touch, and there is ice all over the windshield.

Put down the ice scraper and head back inside, because it’s time to shop for remote car starters. Not sure where to start? Read this quick guide on choosing the right car remote start.

What Is a Car Remote Start and How Does It Work?

Remote starts are a way to turn on your car from a distance with something like a key fob or remote control. They work by using radio frequency. When you hit the button for your remote start, a signal is sent to a device connected to your car’s ignition and other startup components. Your car starts and you stay inside where it’s comfortable.

How Far Away Can I Be From My Car for Remote Start to Work?

That depends on the remote start installation you have. Most automotive remote starts work from about 80 feet away in an open space. However, you can easily find one that can turn your car on from 500 or 1,000 feet away. There are even some systems that turn your car on from up to a mile away.

The landscape of your home or workplace might affect how well your car remote start works. Things like buildings, hills, and trees can disrupt radio signals between your remote and car. Talk to your remote start installation expert about which kind works best for the area you live in.

Keep in mind that each state has different laws and regulations for turning on a car without someone inside. Research what’s legal in your state before you get a car remote start.

What Are the Different Car Remote Starts?

There are several choices of remote starts to choose from, and they each have their own perks. Take a look at what kinds are available for your car:

Factory Remote Start

A lot of newer vehicles come with remote starts and other car tech as standard auto accessories. Factory remote starts are very convenient, but don’t offer as many features as an aftermarket car remote start.

Aftermarket Remote System

Aftermarket automotive remote starts have many features like interactive LCD screens, USB charging, and water-resistant technology. You can even find systems with theft deterrent or impact sensors.

Smartphone Controlled Car Remote Start

You can start your car with the touch of a button on your smartphone with the best car remote starts. All you need to do is download the app and turn your car on from almost anywhere! Smartphone remote start systems usually feature capabilities to confirm your car is running and how long it’s been on.

How Much Do Car Remote Start Systems Cost?

There are remote starts that fit any budget, with some costing as little as $50. However, you can find advanced systems for over $200. These car remote starts have features like LCD displays, alarms, and can even tell you the temperature inside your vehicle.

Can I Install Remote Start in My Car Myself?

Technically, yes, you can install your own car remote start, but that doesn’t mean that you should, and there are several reasons:

The best thing to do when you want new truck and car accessories, like remote starts and window tinting, is to schedule an appointment with a professional. That way you can be sure your electrical and alarm systems remain intact, and your remote start works properly.

Give Yourself the Gift That Keeps on Giving With a Car Remote Start!

Then get a remote start installation for your car! It’s a fantastic way to give yourself a little luxury without breaking the bank. With a car remote starts, you never have to worry about chilly winter mornings or hot summer afternoons, because you can control your car’s climate with the touch of a button.

Looking to make your ride extra comfortable? Then get window tinting, too! An expert window tint can block out the sun’s harmful rays and regulate your car’s temperature inside.

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