The Importance of Quality Remote Starter Installations

Remote Starter InstallationsWhen it comes to buying a remote starter, Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick emphasizes the importance of quality remote starter installations with our clients. Working on automotive electrical systems requires a balance of skill, knowledge and a certain amount of artistic creativity. Our technicians are among the best in New Jersey. They have the experience and training required to ensure your remote starter will function reliably for years.

The Right Products

We carry many different remote starter systems. The systems vary in features, range capabilities, and control and communication options. Ensuring that our clients get the perfect solution for their application starts with proper qualification. Our sales team will ask you questions about where and how you intend to use your starter – where you work, where you park your car and much more.

The next step is for us to research the features and technologies required to remote start your specific vehicle. We combine this information to provide you with a product solution that meets every goal. This ensures that there won’t be any surprises for our installers during the installation and that you will be happy with your purchase.

Premium Product Selection

Remote Starter InstallationsAuto Image has partnered with industry-leading brands like Compustar and Viper to ensure our clients get the most-reliable remote starters possible. Where possible, we use vehicle-specific T-harnesses in our remote starter installations. These harnesses use OEM-quality connectors to ensure each connection is secure and reliable. These harnesses also help us ensure each installation is tidy and organized under the dash.

New Car Warranty Protection

Some clients are concerned that a remote starter may affect their new car warranty. The addition of aftermarket equipment to your vehicle is protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. A dealer cannot deny your warranty unless they can prove that the starter is responsible for the issue. Our installation practices and the use of T-harnesses are designed to make the process as non-invasive as possible.

Control and Vehicle Feature Options

Remote Starter InstallationsOur clients have three options to control their remote starters. Our one-way remotes offer great range and are priced aggressively. Stepping up to a two-way remote control increases range capabilities to as much as 3 miles and provides real-time feedback that the function you have requested has been performed by the system. Finally, for those who want effectively unlimited range, our telematics solutions use an app on your iPhone or Android-based phone in conjunction with an interface module in your vehicle to allow complete system control from anywhere you have cellular data coverage.

On many vehicles, our technicians can interface with rear window defrosters, heated seats and heated steering wheels to activate these systems automatically if the interior of the vehicle is below a preset temperature when started. We can control power trunk release, power tailgate, power sliding doors and even power windows on some applications. Check with our sales team to see what is available for your vehicle.

New Jersey’s Best Remote Starter Installations

Don’t put your vehicle in the hands of anyone but an expert. The team at Auto Image is here to ensure you get the best products and the best installation possible. For more information, drop by one of our locations, give us a call or send an e-mail using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.