Remote Start Technology: 1-way vs. 2-way vs. Smartphone Control

Remote Start TechnologyWe invite clients near Brick or East Brunswick looking for the latest remote start technology to visit their local Auto Image location. Our sales team are experts on remote car starters and all of the options available to control these systems. One of the most common questions we get is the difference between 1-way, 2-way and Smartphone control solutions. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

1-way Remote Controls

Remote Start TechnologyThe simplest and often most cost-effective solution to remote start your vehicle is to use a 1-way remote control. Just like the infrared remote that comes with your TV, these remotes are designed to transmit a command to your vehicle. Most of the remote starters we sell are from Viper – one of the leaders in remote start technology. They offer one-button, four-button and 5-button options with ranges capabilities that vary from a ¼-mile up to 2000 feet.

2-way System Control

Stepping up to a 2-way remote adds the convenience of communication to your vehicle, and then confirmation back on the remote. When you press a button, the 2-way remote sends a command, then the vehicle responds back to the remote with its own signal. The remotes include LEDs, a monochrome LCD screen or a full-color OLED display to let you know the status of the vehicle. The display remotes will let you know if the vehicle is started or locked at a moment’s glance. Range varies from a ¼-mile up to a mile depending on the model you select. With a 2-way remote, you never have to guess if your car started when you pressed the button on the remote.

Smartphone Control Solutions

Remote Start TechnologyIf you suffer from Range Anxiety like we do, and want to be able to communicate with your vehicle from almost anywhere, then the Viper SmartStart system is perfect for you. SmartStart works with a cellular-based interface. It communicates with the remote starter system. Using an application on your iPhone or Android phone, you send a command through the Internet to the SmartStart server. It then sends that command to the vehicle using the cellular network. When your vehicle completes the task, a message will be displayed on your phone. SmartStart can also let you check the location of your vehicle using GPS locating built into the SmartStart module. Check with us to discuss different features and service plans to help choose the best solution for your application.

Auto Image is New Jersey’s Remote Start Technology Experts

When it’s time to add a remote car starter to your vehicle, drop into your nearest Auto Image location and speak with a member of our team. We would be happy to answer any questions and design a system to suit your application. You can reach us by e-mail if you have any other questions.