Top Auto Accessories to Make Summer Road Trips a Breeze

car with auto accessories in New Jersey

Looking forward to summer?

Summer is finally upon us, and with the progress that has been made in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, planning a summer road trip is now something that should be on your agenda.

After being in lockdown for the past year, most people are breathing a sigh of relief and are looking forward to a return to normal life, which means taking advantage of the freedom to travel and have fun.

Whether you are planning on taking short day trips that are one or two hours each way or a prolonged road trip that can take you on a journey that includes thousands of miles, the time to make sure that your car is ready for the trip is now.

Making sure that all required routine maintenance has been performed and oil, filters, tires, and fluids are all in good shape is the first step.

Checking that your vehicle is up to date on comfort, safety, and entertainment features is the next step that you should look at to make sure that you and your family can take that road trip in style to the destination of your choice.

In-car accessories that you should check out

It is easier than you might imagine to add aftermarket auto accessories and features to your vehicle at an affordable cost. There is a wide range of accessories on the market that make traveling in the car an even more fun adventure for the entire family.

Window tinting

Making your vehicle temperatures more comfortable and protecting yourself, your family, and the interior of your vehicle safe from the harmful glare of the sun should be a top priority. Car window tinting presents an easy and practical solution.

Window tinting is a service that we at Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick in New Jersey specialize in. At Auto Image, we take pride in offering the 3M and Solar Gard brands of window tints for your vehicle.

Window tinting is more than just a way to make your car look sleek, as it is a practical accessory for your vehicle that provides some benefits you may not have considered.

Long periods of exposure to the magnified rays of the sun through your vehicle’s windows could cause skin problems for you and your passengers. Window tinting helps keep your car cooler by blocking some of the sun’s rays. It keeps your vehicle’s interior cooler while allowing your air conditioning to operate under lower stress.

Car window tinting has the added benefit of protecting your car upholstery, dashboard, and interior surfaces from the fading that direct sunlight can cause.

We take the worry and concern of how to tint your car windows off your shoulders by providing professional installation of premium window tinting materials on your vehicle. Our Auto Image professional technicians are factory-trained in the installation of Solar Gard Supreme window film (a low-cost window tinting option) and Solar Gard Galaxie window film, which provides premium protection and has a lifetime warranty.

Our technicians also specialize in the installation of 3M window tinting films to protect your vehicle. Color Stable by 3M is produced using a process for maximum heat rejection that does not have a metal film layer that can interfere with radio and satellite signals.

The ultimate in window tinting is Ceramic IR film, which provides an unsurpassed 66% protection rate against total solar rays and 95% protection from infrared heat from the sun’s rays.

Audio accessories, entertainment upgrades, and safety equipment

Car audio upgrades are another area where Auto Image provides excellent sales and installation services for you, with a wide selection of products and a range of prices for every budget.

If you want to upgrade your in-dash stereo to a newer, more modern system, we have products from economy units to technologically advanced products that include Bluetooth and touchscreens. Some units even include safety features such as a backup camera and display and a blind-spot detector.

We offer the sales and installation of other vehicle safety equipment including parking sensors, 360-degree cameras, collision avoidance systems, and dash cameras. We also have the best in auto security systems with same-day installation, featuring the Viper brand that has all but eliminated false alarms. For further safety and comfort, we install remote starters and keyless entry systems.

Our rear-seat entertainment systems take all the boredom and restlessness out of the long drives by allowing your back seat passengers to watch the latest in videos and movies or play interactive video games. The hours will pass quickly with the fun that these systems installed by Auto Image.

At Auto Image, we take pride in the professional sales staff we employ to assist you in choosing and installing the proper equipment and accessories for your vehicle.