What’s the Difference Between Wheels and Tires? How Can I Upgrade Both on My Luxury Car?

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Personalize Your Ride with New Rims and Tires at Auto Image!

Throughout the years, cars have become more than just a way to get around. Drivers of all ages now customize their ride and make it their own by installing aftermarket accessories, including new wheels and tires.

Despite years of auto upgrades, some people continue to use the words wheels and tires interchangeably. However, these are two different parts of your vehicle and are different ways you can upgrade your ride.

Wheels and tires may be near one another, but they each have their own unique purpose in terms of your vehicle. They work together to help your car do what it’s meant to do – move.

In this blog, we’ll be breaking down the difference between your luxury car’s wheels and tires, and explaining how you can upgrade both with the help of our professional installers at Auto Image.

What Are Wheels?

A wheel is the entire structure that holds the tire. Because the tire is affixed on it, your wheel turns the tire with it, promoting movement of the vehicle.

Your wheels are made up of the tire, rim, and hub. These components work together to ensure a smooth ride and are crucial for the vehicle’s handling.

The hub can be found at the center of the wheel and is the point that attaches to the car. Rims are the outer part of the wheel that hold the tire and keep it in place. Many people refer to the entire wheel as the rim, especially in the aftermarket installation world.

How Are Tires Different?

Your tires are the circular, rubber objects that surround the wheels. Their purpose is to protect the wheel and give your car enough traction to move.

The tread and body are two parts of the tire. The tread allows your tires to grip onto the road and supports traction. You can use the tread depth to determine if you’re in need of new car or truck tires. On the other hand, the body is the structure that helps control the amount of compressed air inside your tires.

How to Upgrade Your Luxury Vehicle with New Rims and Tires

You can upgrade virtually any part of your vehicle using aftermarket accessories, and new rims and tires are no exception. Custom wheels and tires can enhance the appearance, safety, and overall value of your luxury ride.

Installing new aftermarket tires improves the performance of your vehicle and your driving experience as a whole. They make braking, rounding corners, and cruising down the road feel like no problem whatsoever.

At Auto Image, our professional installers can ensure your vehicle is equipped with tires that are the right size and material for New Jersey’s weather and driving surfaces. We also can install performance wheels and give your luxury ride a whole new look.

You also have the option to install new wheels – or rims – to advance the look and function of your vehicle. At Auto Image, you’ll have access to a selection of premium wheels and rims, including aluminum or alloy wheels, forged rims, painted rims, and more.

Give Your Vehicle a Whole New Look and Feel with Wheels and Tires at Auto Image!

Now that you can confidently differentiate wheels and tires, it’s time to kick things into high gear by installing these aftermarket upgrades into your luxury vehicle.

At Auto Image, we stock some of the industry’s top name brands and offer wheels and tires that will enhance both the look and feel of your ride. Plus, you can assemble your very own wheel and tire package that offers everything you’re looking for.

The choice is yours between aftermarket tires from Nitto, Yokohama, Goodyear, Michelin, and more. If you need help making your decision, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find tires that are the perfect fit for your personal ride.

Not quite sure about new rims and tires and are looking for other ways to personalize your vehicle? No problem! We also offer a variety of other services that can customize your ride and make it truly yours.

To get started with car wheel and tire installation or any of our other services, book an appointment by giving us a call at our East Brunswick or Brick location. Or send us a message using the contact form on our website.

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