Window Tinting and Skin Cancer

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Your New Jersey Window Tint Experts Explain the Benefits of This Upgrade

While you probably didn’t get interested in window tinting because of the health benefits, believe it or not, tinting plays a significant role in preventing skin cancer while driving. It is probably true that you’re aware of how cool and comfortable your car feels inside after you’ve had superior window tinting installation performed, and you’re probably very careful to protect the interior of your car from the sun – but it’s important to also recognize that window tinting protects the driver, especially those who are in their cars for longer periods of time. Window tinting blocks UV rays from the sun, so it prevents skin damage, including cancer.

Before we get into the health benefits of window tinting – AutoImage, your New Jersey tint shop with two auto accessory and window tinting locations near you – wants to point out that there are always unexpected benefits to any auto-related product we offer.

The Added Benefits of Aftermarket Upgrades

Most of us love our car upgrades for how they look, how it feels to drive with new accessories, and what kind of value they add to our vehicle. Plus the features make the experience of driving that much better. Before we get into window tinting’s protective capability, let’s take a look at a few aftermarket upgrades you can get at a superior window tinting shop in New Jersey, and what added benefits these features provide.

Remote Start: This handy aftermarket tool is a great way to get the oil and fluids moving in your vehicle on a cold day. You can bring your car up to temperature for your own comfort on freezing cold days. However, if we think about this a little bit differently, remote start is also important for the health of your car during the winter. You don’t want to run your car cold, because – when the temperature drops – your oil gets thicker. Running that oil through your engine isn’t healthy for the engine’s performance in the short-term and the long-term. So, while you’re taking care of yourself, you’re also taking care of your car.

Paint Protection Film: An auto upgrade our customers are always looking for is auto paint protection film, and when a trained, highly specialized technician applies it, using the best material from 3M, the paint job you’ve always wanted will stay factory-new for the long haul. Although paint protection film is something car owners spring for to preserve the look of their car, it also protects against more than just scratches and fading. Rock salt, sand, and insects don’t stand a chance against 3M protection film, so you’re doing more for your car than just protecting its whip status.

Window Tinting’s Benefits, Including For Your Skin

Much like a remote start device, as well as auto paint protection film and car wraps, window tinting has additional benefits beside the ones you’d commonly recognize. However, you’re likely headed into a New Jersey window tint shop near you looking for the more traditional reasons for getting a window tinting installation done:

All of these are valid reasons to spring for window tinting, as they provide – and protect – what we love most about our cars. But – like our other auto accessories including remote start and auto paint protection film – there’s always an unexpected benefit. In this case, that benefit is for your skin.

The Facts on Window Tinting and Skin Cancer

While a regular car window is a layer of protection against the sun, it is only effective at blocking certain parts of the UV spectrum, but not all of it. UVB rays – the ones that age skin cells and are responsible for benign growths and malignant skin cancers – are not filtered out through a typical car window. The Skin Cancer Foundation does recommend window films as a form of skin cancer protection, and a study we cited last year on this blog reported that a professional window tinting installation offered a 93 percent reduction in skin cell death from UVA rays. With AutoImage’s products there’s always a little more than what meets the eye. The products we stock and the services we provide always go the extra mile, and we love to surprise our satisfied customers.

AutoImage, Your New Jersey Window Tint Pros, are Looking Out for You

We hope you appreciate our emphasis on the unexpected benefits of our auto accessories.


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