Everything You Need to Know About Your New Remote Start System

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Stay Warm and Toasty in Winter or Cool in Summer with an Aftermarket Remote Start in New Jersey

New Jersey has a humid subtropical climate, with North Jersey dropping into humid continental climate territory. Temperatures fluctuate significantly based on the season. There’s also a reasonably large difference in average temperatures across the state as a whole, with North Jersey being a lot colder on average in the winter and South Jersey a lot warmer in the summer.

In some areas of New Jersey, the average winter temperature drops to 14°F, and in others the average July temperature is 86°F. All this is to say that New Jersey gets very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer – and you should do something about it.

This is why New Jersey drivers prefer to use a remote car starter. It allows them to switch on the heating or cooling of their luxury vehicle and start their engines from afar. With a remote starter, no longer will you be jumping into a freezing cold or sweltering warm cabin.

For the technicians at Auto Image, installing a remote starter is no big deal. But did you know that it’s incredibly integrated into your vehicle’s wiring and other systems? Keep reading to learn more about the technical aspects of your new remote start – and bask in knowing you’ll never experience an uncomfortable temperature in your car again.

What Else Can Your Remote Start Do?

Aftermarket remote start systems often go far beyond the functionality of starting the vehicle from afar. Remote start systems offer features like remote trunk opening, door security checks, and touch password entry. Kits often include push start, so you can add a one-button start to your vehicle if it doesn’t already have it. Some systems also include high-tech security features, which you’ll appreciate in your Mercedes or Ferrari.

Remote start systems with smartphone support essentially extend the range and functionality to be virtually infinite. You can use your smartphone to view the location of your vehicle, check its security, and engage the car’s features from anywhere in the world. It’s very useful when you have multiple drivers, so you can keep an eye on where they are at all times.

What Does a Remote Start Installation Entail?

Using a high-quality remote starter kit, we typically begin by dry-testing the system by hooking it up to a 12-volt supply before it’s installed in your vehicle. We remove the lower dash cover, locate the kill switch wiring, and test the ignition wires. If there’s an existing alarm system, we may replace it with the new system. Indeed, when an existing alarm is in place, the installation can be a little easier to perform, as all of the electronic connections are readily accessible. A car remote starter also has brake shutdown and neutral safety wire connections to be made.

A remote starter for a vehicle with an anti-theft system requires a bypass module. This is because your vehicle is expressly working to ensure it’s difficult for thieves to start your car, so a remote starter system needs to be able to take this into account.

Low-grade remote starters won’t work on many luxury car brands like BMWs, Audis, and Land Rovers. We’ll help you choose a remote starter system that has a bypass module that’s compatible with your vehicle.

Every vehicle has its own wiring setup, too. Auto Image professionals use the exact wiring diagram from your vehicle’s make and model to determine the ideal place to fit your remote starter system, keeping your vehicle completely secure. No one will know you added an aftermarket accessory.

Other things to connect include the antenna, remote start relay module, and horn system, in most cases anyway. Two-way LCD transmitter-receivers send a confirmation signal back to the receiver when the engine has started. Additional readings can be taken such as the temperature in the vehicle.

So, the correct and proper installation of a remote start system should be performed by an experienced car mechanic who has worked on your make and model of vehicle in the past. It’s best to have the remote start for your vehicle installed by a professional such as Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick, NJ.

Get Your New Remote Start at Auto Image in New Jersey

An aftermarket remote start is clearly a useful and convenient addition to your luxury vehicle. A remote car starter elevates the driving experience, and no luxury vehicle owner should be without this common convenience.

If your vehicle lacks a remote starter or you need an upgrade with more features, we invite you to visit us at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, NJ.

Our technicians can advise on the best remote devices to complement your vehicle, discuss any particular features you’d like included, and install your remote starter for you, increasing the luxury and value of your vehicle.