Product Spotlight: 3M Crystalline Window Film

3M Crystalline Window FilmClients looking for the best vehicle accessories and window tinting in New Jersey have been coming to Auto Image since 1987. Our team of veteran window film installers has the tools and experience to make your vehicle look amazing. A mainstay of our products offerings is the Crystalline series of films from 3M. 3M Crystalline window film offers as much performance as it does style.

Solar Radiation Protection

3M Crystalline Window FilmDid you know that films like the Crystalline from 3M will block both UV and infra-red radiation (IR) energy? Ultraviolet rays are responsible for causing your skin to tan. Overexposure to UV energy is the leading cause of skin cancer. Having 3M Crystalline installed is like wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 1,000: Crystalline films block more than 99% of UV rays in all five grades.

Reference Thermal Barrier

IR is responsible for the feeling of heat on our skin. While there is no harm in feeling the warmth of the sun, it is not always very comfortable. The interior of your vehicle becomes an oven in the hot summer sun.

The Crystalline series of window films from 3M can block up to 97% of the transmission of IR energy –even the CR90 film that allows 86% of light to pass through blocks 90% of infrared energy and 34% of total solar energy. Imagine how much easier it will be for your air conditioning system to keep your vehicle cool? Less load on your air conditioning translates directly into fuel savings.

Premium Film Characteristics

3M Crystalline Window FilmCrystalline films are guaranteed not to turn purple, bubble or peel. Crystalline films are not metallized, so they will not affect cellular, GPS or satellite radio reception. Crystalline films also reduce glare by as much as 55%, making it easier to see through your vehicle’s windshield. 3M stands behind Crystalline with a limited lifetime warranty

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With films as light as CR90 that can be used on a windshield to the cool look of CR40, having your windows tinted with Crystalline products is an excellent investment in the comfort of your vehicle and your health. For more information about Crystalline, or any of our products or services, drop by our East Brunswick or Brick, New Jersey, locations or e-mail us using our contact form.