3M Crystalline Window Tint Available at Auto Image

3M Crystalline TintAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick has been offering window tinting to our clients on the Jersey Shore since 1987. One of our best-loved films is Crystalline by 3M.

3M Crystalline Tint Sets a New Standard

3M Crystalline Tint3M is a household name to many of us here in the United States. They received their first patent for window film more than 50 years ago, way before anyone was thinking of getting a car tinted. The Crystalline film was developed to set new standards in the window tint industry. Here’s more about the incredible technology.

Over 200 Layers of Film

If you explore the construction of window tint, you will find that they are anywhere from one to three layers sandwiched together. Crystalline, on the other hand, is more than 200 layers of film that is no thicker than a single Post-it Note! 3M is the only company in the world with the technology to produce a window tint with this much sophistication.

Incredible Heat Rejection

3M Crystalline TintNow, you may be thinking to yourself, “Why do I care if my window film has more than 200 layers?” Great question. We have two words for you: heat reduction. Have you ever walked out to your vehicle on a hot summer day, opened your car door and experienced the rush of hot air trying to escape? You surely weren’t looking forward to getting in it. What if we told you that Crystalline can block over 60% of the sun’s infra-red heat from getting in your car, truck or SUV?

Protection from the Sun for People and Interiors

3M Crystalline TintAnother great benefit of this film is protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which will make your interior panels fade and crack and, even worse, can cause skin cancer for drivers or passengers. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Crystalline window tint as an effective deterrent against this dangerous disease.

The Importance of a Crystalline Certified Installer

3M Crystalline TintAs you can imagine, installing a window tint with this much technology is noticeably more difficult than traditional film. Fortunately, Auto Image has technicians that are certified in the proper installation of 3M Crystalline film. When you couple our certification along with our reference standard installation methods, you are sure to get a tint job that will look great and last for years to come.

Nationwide Warranty

When you opt for an incredible tint like Crystalline, you want to know you are covered. Fortunately, 3M has a nationwide network of installers. No matter where you are, the chances are good that there is a 3M dealer that can take care of you.

A Live Demonstration for Yourself

The best way to truly understand the life-changing benefits of Crystalline tint is to stop by any of the conveniently located Auto Image stores. Our team can give you a live demonstration of the heat reduction and clarity you will experience with this film. Let us show you why more people on the Jersey Shore choose us to tint the windows in their vehicles year after year.

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