Product Spotlight: 3x Lock Start

3x Lock StartDid you know that Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick offers 3x Lock Start systems for cars and trucks? If you aren’t familiar with the 3x Lock process, let us explain. We can install a remote starter in your vehicle that doesn’t include any new remote controls. To start the engine, you press the lock button on your factory remote three times in quick succession. It’s simple, elegant and easy to use.

The Benefits of 3x Lock Start

Many clients would prefer to keep their keychains as uncluttered and lightweight as possible. While the appeal of being able to leave your home or office to get into a toasty-warm vehicle is undeniable, they simply don’t want an extra remote control. Our 3x Lock remote starter systems are the perfect solution for these clients.

What about Remote Range?

3x Lock StartOne drawback of factory-provided remote controls is their range. While most aftermarket remote starters offer at least 800 feet of range, factory remotes rarely work much beyond 250–300 feet. This limitation means that you need to be close to your vehicle to start it with a 3x Lock system.

What if I Need More Range?

One option that appeals to our clients that don’t want new remote controls is to add a smartphone control system to their remote starter. Products like SmartStart and DroneMobile allow you to use an application on your iPhone- or Android-based phone to send a signal over the Internet to your vehicle. A compact module in your car receives this signal using a cellular radio connection and tells the remote starter to start warming up the car.

Visit the Remote Starter Experts at Auto Image

If you are considering adding a remote car starter to your car, truck or SUV, we invite you to visit Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick. A member of our sales team would be happy to work with you to design a custom remote starter system that gives you the comfort and convenience you want. We offer systems with 3x Lock Start right up to the incredible Compustar Pro T11 with 3 miles of range. Feel free to send us an e-mail for more information about our starter solutions.