Always Go for the Most Remote Start Range Possible

Remote Start RangeAuto Image clients from East Brunswick and Brick often underestimate the importance of remote start range. If there is a single factor that quantifies how well a remote starter works, it would come down to how far away your vehicle can be and still be able to be started. Let’s look at what affects remote control range and what your options are to improve it.

Remote Start Range Defined

The signal between your remote control and the vehicle is a message sent over radio waves. This signal can be affected by houses, buildings, the terrain around you and radio frequency interference. If you are inside a building or your vehicle is in a parking garage, steel-reinforced concrete makes it very difficult to transmit a signal reliably.

Don’t forget; you aren’t just using your remote car starter at home. When you go shopping, to work or out with friends, you want enough range to ensure you can start your vehicle and give it time to warm up or cool down. Essentially, you are planning for the worst-case range scenario.

Real-world Example

Imagine you have driven to MetLife Stadium to watch the Jets play. Did you know that it is more than 2,500 feet from the main gate to the back of Lot K and more than 2,000 feet to the back of Lot M? With everyone on their cellphones, nearby radio and TV stations broadcasting the game, and other people unlocking and remote starting their cars, you are going to need as much range as possible to ensure your vehicle starts.

You know how aggravating it can be to walk up to your car, thinking that you had remote started it, only to find out it’s still cold.

The Remote Selection Process

Remote Start RangeMany of the remote car starter systems we sell have similar features, but include different remotes. The remotes define how much range you have. When you visit Auto Image, our team will work with you to determine how much range you need. We offer many different remote solutions that provide between 800 feet and 1 mile of range.

Unlimited Range Option

If you are after a solution that nearly eliminates range anxiety, then check out the SmartStart system from Viper. Its SmartStart uses an app on your iPhone or Android phone to communicate commands to your vehicle over the cellular network. Even in the middle of winter, your engine will have begun to warm up, and the rear window defroster can be melting snow or ice.

Depending on the service plan you choose, SmartStart also includes GPS locating. You can see where your vehicle is and set alerts for when it leaves or enters a particular area. You can even set over-speed warnings for kids and co-workers.

Expert Installation Improves Range

Did you know that how we install your remote car starter can affect how much range you have? The way we run wiring through your vehicle, and the location and orientation we choose for the antenna, can have a dramatic effect on your ability to lock, unlock or start your car. Our experts will ensure you get the most performance possible from your remote starter.

Get the Range You Need at Auto Image

When it is time to shop for a remote starter for your car, truck or SUV, drop into Auto Image and talk to our team. We will ensure you get the features and remote start range you need to make sure your vehicle is comfortable – winter or summer.

For more information about any of our products or services, feel free to send us an e-mail using our online contact FORM.