Product Spotlight: Viper 4115V

Viper 4115VAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick offers remote car starters like the Viper 4115V to provide our clients with added comfort at an incredible price. This one-button, one-way remote starter is compatible with most gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles. Let’s look at why the 4115V is a great choice for your vehicle.

Simple-To-Use Interface

Viper 4115VWith a pair of one-button remote controls, the 4115V is a great addition to any vehicle that has locking and trunk release buttons on the factory key or fob. The system provides up to a 1/4-mile of range, so you can start your car at home, when you leave work or when you walk out of the grocery store.

The simple one-button design controls the remote start function with a single press. Once the engine is running, you can unlock the doors by pressing the button again. If you need to shut the engine down, press and hold the button for three seconds.

For those times when you’ve forgotten where you parked your car, pressing the button when the engine is not running will activate the Car Finder function. The parking lights will flash 10 times to help you track down the vehicle.

Viper 4115V Vehicle Compatibility

The 4115V will work with keyless entry and push-to-start vehicles with automatic or CVT transmissions. Door unlocking is built into the system and we can automatically activate the rear window defroster and heated seats in most vehicles using the built-in temperature sensor. If the temperature is below freezing when the vehicle is started, these systems can be activated automatically.

Expert Installation

Our team of installation technicians takes pride in the work they do. How we integrate a remote starter like the Viper 4115V into your vehicle is important to the performance and reliability of the system. Proper wiring connections techniques and equipment mounting locations ensure flawless performance for years.

Visit New Jersey’s Remote Starter Experts

If you are shopping for a remote car starter, drop into Auto Image and speak with a member of our team. We’d be happy to design a starter system to keep you cozy and warm this winter. For more information, send us an e-mail using our contact form.