Product Spotlight: Viper 4205V

Viper 4205VIf you are near Brick or East Brunswick and are looking for a great deal on a remote car starter, drop into Auto Image and ask about the Viper 4205V. This remote starter includes a pair of two-way remote controls that provide up to 2,000 feet of range. The simple and elegant one-button design makes this system a perfect add-on to a vehicle that includes remote door lock and trunk release control from the factory. Let’s look at the 4205V in a little more detail.

Easy-To-Use Remotes

Viper 4205VThe single button on the remotes offers more functionality than you’d expect. With the engine off, pressing and holding the button for three seconds will activate the Car Finder function. Car Finder flashes the parking lights 10 times to make it easy to find your car at the mall. Pressing the button once will engage the remote start sequence. Once the engine has started, the remote will beep and flash a green LED once.

Once the engine has started, the button’s functions change. Pressing the button once will unlock the doors and generate a response with two short beeps and a green LED. If you press and hold the button for three seconds, the engine will shut down. Once the engine has stopped, you’ll hear the shut-off tones and see an orange LED.

Viper 4205V Vehicle Compatibility

The 4205V remote starter is compatible with most gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles on the road. Vehicles with push-to-start ignition and keyless entry systems are also compatible with the Viper 4205V. On many vehicles, we can automatically activate the rear window defogger circuit if the engine is started and the interior temperature is below a preset level. Check with us to see if your vehicle is compatible.

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From our expert sales team to our meticulous installation processes, Auto Image is your best choice for a remote car starter this season. We invite you to drop by the store and speak with a member of our team. We’d be happy to design a system that meets your needs. For more information, send us an e-mail using our online contact form.