Push-to-Start Remote Start Systems from Auto Image

Push-to-Start Remote StartAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick have a variety of push-to-start remote start options for our New Jersey clients. Working with modern automotive electronic ignition systems is something our expert technicians do every day. We use the best products and installation practices available to ensure your vehicle will be comfortable when it’s time to drive. Let’s look at how our push-start and keyless ignition car starters work.

Digital Vehicle Integration

Push-to-Start Remote StartIn a vehicle with a conventional ignition, rotating the key in the ignition cylinder activates electrical contacts to turn on the ignition and crank the starter motor. In a vehicle with a push-to-start ignition, the button on the dash sends a signal to the computer to initiate the starting sequence. The computer fires up the ignition, and then sends a command to the starter solenoid to crank the motor. The computer takes care of all the timing to make sure the process executes reliably and efficiently.

For your remote starter to work with an electronic ignition system, we use a data integration module to communicate with the computer digitally. Rather than using relays, wires and resistors, we send commands directly to the engine management computer and body control module.

We program these modules for the specific make, model, year and trim level of the vehicle we are working on so that their communication commands are accurate.

Does a Remote Starter Affect Vehicle Security?

If you are researching remote car starters, then you may hear the term “bypass module.” This term is somewhat misleading. These integration modules do allow the vehicle to start without the presence of the factory key or fob. As such, they do bypass factory security systems, but only to start the vehicle. Your vehicle remains safe and secure once started. Your doors are locked, and you can’t drive away without having the original key or fob in the vehicle.

Push-to-Start Remote Start Options

When we meet with a client to discuss their remote starter system, we’ll offer options for added convenience. All of our remote starters control the factory door locks in your vehicle (if equipped). We can also control the electronic trunk release remotely. In many applications, motorized hatch or sliding door control is also available.

Another popular system option is rear window defroster control. If you remote start your car, truck or SUV and the temperature inside the vehicle is below freezing, we can program the starter to turn on the defogger automatically. If you have heated seats or a heated steering wheel, we can usually activate them as well.

The Importance of Expert Installation

Push-to-Start Remote StartWhen integrating a push-to-start remote start system into your vehicle, our technicians verify that every electrical connection is both electrically secure and mechanically reliable. Loose or intermittent connections can wreak havoc with data communication. We solder every connection we make to prevent problems.

The location we choose for the starter control module and how we run the wiring under the dash is also important. We avoid high-heat areas and ensure that wiring is away from moving parts like the steering linkage and pedal assemblies. Thoughtful wire routing takes time, but it is a critical part of our installation process.

Start Your Remote Starter Shopping at Auto Image

If you are near Brick or East Brunswick and are thinking about a remote car starter for your push-to-start, tip-start or any keyless ignition vehicle, drop into Auto Image and talk to a member of our sales team. We would be happy to explain all of the remote control and vehicle integration options available and provide you with a detailed quote to install the system. For more information about our remote car starter solutions, or any of the products or services we offer, call our store nearest to your or send us an e-mail using our contact form.