3 Myths About DIY Auto Wax in New Jersey – Busted!

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At our automotive performance shop in New Jersey, we love a good wax! However, you can’t just apply any wax to your vehicle and expect results. In fact, DIY automotive wax takes a lot more hard-work and planning than you think.

So, before you bust out your DIY car detailing kit, read these three myths about store-bought automotive wax, and which auto accessories you need to get the paint protection you really want, like ceramic coating.

Myth #1: You Can Use Any Kind of Car Wax on Your New Vehicle

We know, giving your new car some extra TLC sounds like an incredible way to spend an afternoon. However, most store-bought auto or truck accessories made to clean and maintain the body of your car are not meant for modern day paint.

That’s because they are made with abrasive and harsh chemicals that can cause more harm than good for your car. In fact, many people notice a bit of car paint color on their waxing rag when they use a cheap product from the store.

The Better Option: At Auto Image, we have professional car detailing with high-quality wax that won’t scratch or rub off your paint. We recommend getting your vehicle detailed every two months to keep a just-out-of-the-wash shine that makes your car look super-sleek 24/7.

Myth #2: You Can Keep Auto Wax Forever

Did you know that old tub of wax you have lurking in your garage has an expiration? While you won’t suddenly smell something rotten or see an actual expiration date on your jar of wax, you will notice it’s not performing the way it used to.

Car wax, like most waxes, is sensitive to extreme temperatures and air exposure. Heat will damage the quality and longevity of car wax so much that many people keep their high-quality car wax in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, cold car wax takes hours to reach room temperature and has to be left out overnight in order for you to apply it to your vehicle.

The Better Option: Get professional car detailing at Auto Image, so you never have to worry about wax expiration. Or, if you’d rather not make repeat visits to keep your car’s paint looking perfect, opt for ceramic coating, a permanent option to protect your paint.

Myth #3: It Doesn’t Matter Where or When You Wax Your Car

The rules for applying wax to your vehicle are much more complicated than simply “on and off.” For instance, the smallest amount of moisture on your car will prevent any kind of wax, even the highest-quality, from adhering to your vehicle.

That’s because wax and water just aren’t compatible, which means you need to take extra care to dry your vehicle after you wash it and avoid waxing your car in the rain.

Oppositely, applying wax to your car in the sun won’t serve you well, either. The heat from the sun will dry out our wax, which makes buffing it out extra difficult. If you choose to wax your own vehicle, always choose a well-shaded area and a high-quality wax.

The Better Option: Save yourself some sweat by letting the experts at Auto Image do the dirty work for you with professional car detailing.

Fact #1: Ceramic Coating Offers Better Protection Than Auto Wax

At our automotive performance shop, we recommend a professional car detailing to keep your car looking incredible on the road and in your driveway, but if you want to protect your car from things like harsh UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain – you need ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is a clear coating that’s applied to the exterior of your car, truck, SUV to protect your paint from external paint damage.

When it dries, its nanoscopic technology forms a hard layer over your paint to provide it with protection from fading, staining, and rust.

Fact #2: Ceramic Coating Is Cost-Effective

One of the major benefits of this amazing auto accessory is that it provides your vehicle with an extra layer of protection that wax can’t.

Not only does it repel dirt and mud, it protects your vehicle from gravel and other debris that might fly up and cause damage. This also makes ceramic coating cost-effective, because you won’t need to fix expensive scratches or scuffs.

Ceramic coating also lasts a lot longer than auto wax, too. You can expect a professional installation to last for years without a trace of wear and tear. That’s even after being exposed to elements like roadway treatments and extreme temperatures.

Fact #3: You Can Combine Auto Accessories to Provide Ultimate Protection to Your Paint

Are you looking for the best paint protection available? Then talk to the professionals at Auto Image in New Jersey about combining the power of ceramic coating with paint protection film.

Paint protection film is quick and easy for our experts to install. It provides superior protection against paint chips and deep scratches.

However, it’s important to use ceramic coatings with paint protection film that’s “ceramic-friendly.” That’s because the wrong combination can affect the self-healing abilities of paint protection film.

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Wait, did we say “self-healing?” That’s right! When you come to Auto Image, you’ll find the latest and greatest automotive performance accessories in New Jersey. From self-healing paint protection to truck accessories that take your ride from basic to beast to ceramic coating that makes your paint shine, Auto Image has your ride covered!

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