3 Reasons Why Tinted Windows Make Winter Driving a Pleasure

winter window tinting

You wouldn’t think tinted windows would be beneficial in the winter, but they are!

Blaring heat, the hot sun and much needed shade – those are just a few things that make you think of shielding your windows with tints, especially in the summer. Well, did you know tinting your windows is truly a year-round investment, and it has big payoffs in the winter time?

We all know there is more stress on your car during the winter, but there is also more stress on the driver during the winter. Not only is there the anxiety of driving in poor snow or icy conditions, cleaning off icy windows, as well as having to get into a freezing cold car before it warms up. There is no need to add extra stress on yourself or your vehicle during the winter.

Find out how getting a car window tint can help ease some of your anxiety about the winter and your car here:

  1. It keeps the heat in – Keeping the heat in is key not only for your house during the winter but especially for your vehicle. Window tinting your car provides your vehicle with more insulation but providing a layer of insulation on your windows that help keep the heat in during the cold winter months. This means it will take less time to heat up your car. There’s no need to wait around for your car to heat up; you can jump in sooner (even on below zero mornings), making a much better start to your day.
  2. Glare – Glare is dangerous no matter what season you are in, but it is especially bad in the winter. With the season being overall bad for road visibility and driving conditions (from sun reflecting off snow to snow squalls) you want to prevent glare as much as you can and keep your field of vision clear. Auto tinting reduces glare from the snow and from oncoming headlights, meaning you can drive safely, even when the roads are not in the best condition. Driving with a clear line of sight is one of the biggest reasons car tinting is worth the investment.
  3. Less fade – Window tinting your vehicle will prevent less fade year-round. What exactly does this mean? Tinting prevents the colors inside your vehicle from fading, keeping your stylish leather or cloth seats and interior looking newer for longer by protecting it from UV Rays. And, as a bonus, it also protects passengers from UV Rays. This is a major plus for the longevity and potential resale value of your car. Keeping it looking younger, inside and out, means it will help your future sale price.

When is the best time to get your windows tinted?

The best time to get your windows tinted is the fall. Not only does this get your car prepared for the winter weather but it is actually the best time for window tint installation. During the fall, temperatures are milder and the humidity is down. Avoiding the harsher weather like snow and even extreme heat allows your vehicle’s window tinting to not dry as fast or adhere to your window as well.

What different types of window tints can you get?

There are numerous window tints and window tint brands you can use for your vehicle, including Ceramic Window Tint, Crystalline Window Tint, Carbon Tint Film, Hybrid Dye and Metallic Tint Film, Metalized Window Tint and Dyed Window tint. Each varies depending on the type of window UV Ray protection, window breakage protection and interior protection you are looking for. And the two best window tint brands are 3M and SolarGard.

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