5 Auto Upgrades to Impress Your Family This Holiday Season

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Take Your Luxury Ride to the Next Level at Auto Image

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means you’ll soon be reconnected with loved ones you haven’t seen since last year. Chances are, they’ll want to know what you’ve been up to and you’ll want to make a lasting impression.

Let your car do the talking – and we don’t mean buy a new one! Instead, make your current ride feel brand new at a fraction of the cost with auto upgrades. There’s no doubt your family will be impressed and maybe a little envious, too. Show off your freshly upgraded car, without the price tag of buying a new one.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start. At Auto Image, we offer a variety of awesome auto upgrades that are sure to leave your family wide-eyed and curious to know more.

Without further delay, here are five auto upgrades that will “wow” your loved ones this holiday season.

#1- Car Remote Start

Remote start is one of today’s most popular car accessories, and we can see why. This auto upgrade allows you to heat up your ride before you hop in, and defrost any ice that might be in your way. Your family will be in awe when they see you can control your vehicle from your smartphone using a remote starter with cell phone integration. Once you show them all the capabilities of a remote starter, they’ll be asking where they can install one for themselves.

At Auto Image, we can upgrade any luxury ride by installing a more advanced remote start system complete with further range, smartphone compatibility and two-way functionality.

#2- Auto Paint Protection Film

Be prepared to explain how your car’s exterior is still flawless and shiny, even in the midst of winter. Auto paint protection film is an upgrade that can prevent your car’s paint job from scratching, chipping, bird droppings, corrosive rain, and other damaging elements. This film is practically invisible, yet shields your vehicle’s most fragile surface.

Auto paint protection film takes the hit before your paint does. If it’s damaged, it’s a quick fix and no big deal. Just come back to Auto Image and we’ll replace the area, leaving your ride looking good as new.

#3- Window Tinting

Not only do tinted windows look awesome, but they also come with some pretty great benefits that your family members will definitely appreciate. Even in the winter, UV rays from the sun can still damage your interior and cause it to fade. Window tint can help. Whether you drive a BMW, an Audi, or a Mercedes, window tint from Auto Image will prevent your vehicle from “aging” and keep it looking like you just pulled it off the lot.

Another common concern in the winter is glaring. Because light reflects on white surfaces, snow on the ground can worsen the glare, which quickly creates a dangerous situation. Luckily, window tint reduces glare on the road, putting your family’s worries to rest.

#4 Driver Safety Products

Speaking of staying safe on the road, Auto Image offers a variety of driver safety products to install into your vehicle. These products not only protect you behind the wheel, but are also proven to prevent accidents from occuring.

A backup camera is a useful piece of equipment that allows you to be more aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents, injuries, or property damage. Once the camera is connected to the monitor on your dashboard, you won’t have to think twice about putting the car in reverse.

A blind spot system is another auto upgrade you’ll want to show off to your family this season. Working as another pair of eyes, this system can alert you if anything is in either of your blind spots when you activate a turn signal.

#5 Car Audio

Installing an aftermarket car audio system can advance your ride and is guaranteed to excite your family members as well. Upgrade your stereo, speakers, subwoofers, and more all at Auto Image!

When you make car audio upgrades, you’ll immediately hear a difference. You’ll be able to turn the volume all the way up while still maintaining a great sound quality.

You might also decide to go for a stereo system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, providing you access to your smartphone right from the dash of your Lexus, Volvo, or any other luxury car.

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Upgrading your ride has never been easier at Auto Image. We stock only the best brands on the market, providing you the highest quality and most reliable products out there. Whatever you’re looking to add to your luxurious ride, we’re your one-stop shop for all your auto needs.

Our team is passionate about assisting you and your vehicle, and we’re dedicated to forming a long-lasting relationship as we help you find solutions.

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