5 Ways to Protect Your Luxury Auto This Winter

luxury car in snow

Why Window Tint Is One of Our Recommendations for New Jersey Drivers

You adore your Mercedes, Tesla, Volvo, or whatever luxury vehicle you drive. From behind the wheel, New Jersey highways look a lot like heaven.

But are you doing enough to protect your ride, especially during the winter season? Keep reading to discover ways you could be protecting your luxury vehicle this winter.

Car Window Tinting Offers Superior Performance in All Seasons

Our most common recommendation for luxury car owners looking to protect their vehicles is often window tint. We understand that “protection” and darkened windows don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, but hear us out!

Window tint blocks the view of the interior of your vehicle, which means opportunistic criminals aren’t as likely to attempt smash-and-grab break-ins. Your belongings are automatically more secure because they’re simply not visible inside your car or SUV.

Auto Image professional window tint installation also prevents your windows from shattering and spraying glass throughout your car’s interior, in the event of a collision. This means less intensive clean-up is required, and you can feel comfortable behind the wheel right away.

Finally, window tint blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your dashboard, steering wheel, seats, and other finishes. Similarly, it protects your skin from those same rays that can cause skin cancer. Keep in mind that these harmful rays are present no matter the season.

A full spectrum of benefits makes window tint near you your top choice for protecting your luxury vehicle. Try our tint simulator to see what your car will look like with this upgrade.

Specialized Car Alarms and Security Systems Perform Better Than Factory Ones

Although dark window tint can provide the security you’re looking for, your luxury ride is in even better hands with an upgraded car alarm and security system. Fresh-from-the-factory systems only alert you when someone touches your car’s door handle or breaks in. At this point, many people have trained themselves to simply ignore a car alarm going off, giving criminals the opportunity to flee unnoticed.

Upscale car alarms and security systems allow you to track the location of your vehicle using GPS or radio signals. You’ll receive alerts to your smartphone when an impact or motion sensor is triggered. This, coupled with a traditional loud alarm, offers superior protection to your luxury vehicle.

Ask the experts at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey, about these aftermarket security systems that can even lower your monthly car insurance premiums.

Paint Protection Film Lasts As Long as You Own the Car

As you drive, park, and access your luxury vehicle, certain areas are at risk of sustaining minor damage and wear and tear: bumpers, hood, fenders, door handles and pockets, door edges, rear quarter panels, side mirrors, and the trunk lid. Even the most careful owners are likely to see tiny scratches or paint wear in these spots; it’s par for the course of car ownership.

But you can take a simple measure to protect these high-risk areas and the rest of your vehicle: 3M™ Scotchgard Pro paint protection film. This film applies with adhesive to your vehicle’s body panels, delivering a protective layer that fights off minor scratches and chips. Long-wearing and invisible, paint protection film keeps your car’s exterior looking brand new for as long as you own it.

When you no longer need it, or when it’s time to trade in your ride, simply bring your luxury car back to our professionals for easy removal without damaging the original paint job.

Ceramic Coating Beautifies Your Luxury Vehicle’s Paint Job

If you’re looking for a more permanent way to protect your luxury ride’s paint, ceramic coating is your ticket to a lustrous and gorgeous exterior. Ceramic coating is made of a liquid polymer that keeps paint looking like new, repels water, and prevents the need for regular automotive detailing and waxing.

At Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey, we use 3M™ products. These coatings are a proprietary formula that only shops authorized by 3M™ can use. The formula is flexible and shatterproof for long-lasting perfection.

Ceramic coatings block the sun’s harmful rays from fading your paint and creates an impenetrable barrier between bugs, bird droppings, and chemical ice melt that can damage your paint.

Best of all, its signature glossy look enhances the aesthetic of your vehicle, so you turn heads even more than normal as you cruise the Jersey Shore.

Dash Cams Prove Your Role in an Accident

Just as you’d add security systems and paint coverings to protect your luxury ride, you can also embrace the latest technology. Dash cams are a popular upgrade in all vehicles, but can play a significant role in the safety of your luxury car as you drive through Jersey.

Dash cams record every moment as you drive, capturing on camera any incidents you may experience with other drivers or road conditions. In the event of an accident, you can prove that you weren’t at fault or that other factors were at play.

Although dash cams can’t prevent body damage to your vehicle, they can help you recover the insurance money you deserve to repair your prized possession after a wreck.

Get Professional Window Tint Installation and More at Two New Jersey Locations

Whether you’re ready to add car window tinting or looking for more technologically advanced safety equipment for your luxury car, Auto Image, with locations in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey, can help you find what you’re looking for.

Our expert technicians will walk you through all your options so you can make an informed decision about which upgrades will work best for you and your vehicle.

It’s the perfect time to protect your ride this winter. Visit us today to get started.