Do I Really Need Auto Paint Protection Film in New Jersey?

paint protection film installation

The Answer Is Yes – See These 5 Reasons Why

There is nothing more eye-catching than a vehicle zipping past you with gorgeous paint. When you invest in a vehicle with a big price tag or just love the look of your car, then you’ll do almost anything to keep that “like new” shine. However, there are things that a good wax and detail just can’t do.

That’s why you need to protect the exterior of your car with auto paint protection film. If you’ve heard the myth that these auto accessories yellow, bubble, or leave residue on your vehicle, Auto Image is here to tell you that’s simply not the truth. In fact, you need car paint protection film a lot more than you think. Check out these 5 reasons you need paint protection to keep your car looking brand new.

Stop Road Salt From Ruining Your Paint

If you’ve driven New Jersey roads in the middle of winter, then your car has suffered the wrath of harsh chemicals to treat snow and ice. Road salt and chemicals eat away at your car paint quickly, and the most common spots for corrosion are around your wheels and tires. This is an area where your vehicle is constantly exposed to road salt.

A great way to save your car from road salt corrosion is to clean it off immediately – or save yourself time and effort by getting car paint protection film installation in New Jersey.

Intercept Damage Caused by Insecticides

Do you find yourself driving rural roads or preparing to head out into the wilderness for some fresh air? You might damage the paint on your vehicle without even knowing it. The key ingredients in many commercial insecticides, including personal bug sprays, can destroy the paint on your car and can even dissolve the varnish on wooden furniture.

Again, experts recommend wiping your car down as soon as it comes into contact with any sort of insecticide. Auto paint protection film is the only way to avoid all that extra work, and just keep driving.

Acid Rain Is No Match for Auto Paint Protection Film

Most people have completely forgotten that acid rain is even a thing. However, it’s actually a big reason the paint on your car fades and corrodes. It’s not just your paint, either. Acid rain also eats all the way down to the metal body of your vehicle. Nitric and sulfuric acid seep through every layer of paint until you see ugly rust.

You know your car has been exposed to acid rain when you see peeling or chipped paint. The only way to truly protect your car from acid rain is by combining ceramic coating and car paint protection film.

Stop Scratches in Their Tracks

Let’s face it. Sharp objects, like door dings from other drivers or rocks flying at you on the highway, cause major damage to your paint – and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless you have auto paint protection film. It can absorb the impact of most things that threaten your paint, and they are self-healing.

Wait, did we say self-healing? Yes! High-quality car paint protection film can repair itself when it comes into contact with heat. In most cases, all you need to do is park your car in the sun or wash it with warm water. Just ask the experts at Auto Image about the incredible self-healing power of car paint protection.

Don’t Fear the Truth About Tree Sap

The trees in your neighborhood are undoubtedly beautiful, but their sap is the main reason your car paint is corroding. Like acid rain, tree sap eats through the layers of your paint. It also attracts dust and scratches. When left unremoved, tree sap absorbs particles that cause even further damage to paint on your vehicle.

Unfortunately, tree sap is very difficult to remove from car paint. Especially if it sits in the sun. The only way to remove it from your vehicle is by using a harsh chemical that may cause even more damage to your paint. Avoid this paradigm all together by getting car paint protection film.

Shine On in Any Conditions With Auto Paint Protection Film in New Jersey

Paint protection technology has come a long way since it first appeared. You can expect your vehicle to be gorgeous and glossy for at least five years when you install car paint protection film.

Worried about yellowing and bubbles? Don’t be! Our experts only install only the highest-quality aftermarket auto accessories, and that includes auto paint protection film. Combine your film with ceramic coating, and your vehicle will look like it always has a fresh coat of paint.

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