Driver Safety Options Available at Auto Image

Driver SafetyIf you are looking for driver safety solutions in the Jersey Shore area, Auto Image has solutions to fit most applications. We offer everything from dash cameras and parking sensors to lane departure warning systems and backup cameras. No matter what concern you have, visit one of our locations and talk to our expert product team. We would be happy to assembly a driver safety solution to meet your needs.

Backup Camera and Parking Sensor Systems

Each year, thousands of accidents happen while people are backing vehicles out of driveways. It’s impossible to see objects and individuals behind a vehicle, especially if you’re in a van or SUV, just by using your mirrors. A backup camera system will let you see everything behind you. We can integrate a camera into many factory infotainment system displays or add a new rearview mirror with a built-in screen.

Parking sensors offer an instant warning when something or someone is behind you. As soon as you start backing up, the system will produce a warning beep as you approach an object. This fully active safety system is like having a flagman behind your vehicle.

Dash Camera Systems

Driver SafetyAuto Image offers Compustar and Momento dash camera systems. These camera systems mount to your windshield and rear window, and record everything that happens around your vehicle. Many models include a GPS receiver that will track your location and speed. If you are in an accident, having video evidence of the event can save you headaches and thousands of dollars in insurance premium increases.

Several models of dash cameras will continue to monitor your vehicle even after you park it at home or work. When the camera detects motion, it will resume recording. Everything from your neighbor’s cat walking across your hood to something much more nefarious will be recorded in full-color, high-resolution video for your inspection.

Blind Spot Sensors and Camera Systems

Driver SafetySome drivers do not realize how dangerous it is to drive in someone’s blind spot. Imagine that you had a warning that a car or truck is just out of view. We offer sensor systems that will warn you if someone is beside your vehicle when you put your turn signal on. We also offer lane change assistance cameras that will display an image of the lane beside you when you activate your turn signal.

Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning Systems

It used to be that only the top-of-the-line vehicles from BMW or Mercedes had advanced technologies like forward collision and lane departure warning systems. Now, we can add these technologies to almost any vehicle on the road. A carefully calibrated camera located near your rearview mirror monitors everything happening in front of your vehicle and will warn you when you are too close to the vehicle in front of you or if you are drifting out of your lane.

Premium Products and Expert Installation

There are a lot of inexpensive cameras and parking sensors on the market. Our team has vetted everything we sell and install. We take pride in the services we offer and the work we do. Every electrical connection we make is both electrically and mechanically secure and will last for the life of your vehicle.

Auto Image is Your Driver Safety Destination

When it is time to upgrade the technology in your vehicle, visit Auto Image in East Brunswick or Brick, New Jersey. We would be honored to help keep you safe. For more information about our safety solutions, you can reach us using our online contact form.