Enhance Your Vehicle This Spring: A Beginner’s Guide to Aftermarket Car Accessories in New Jersey

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10 Best Car Accessories You Can Get at Auto Image Today

Is your current vehicle not cutting it anymore? As feature-packed 2024 models roll out, drivers of older cars, trucks, and SUVs may feel like they’re falling short in the bells and whistles department.

Rest easy, friends. This is entirely fixable.

Aftermarket car accessories are how drivers elevate their vehicles above and beyond the factory level. Rather than buying an entirely new car to get that car stereo, camera system, or other modern feature you want, you can visit Auto Image to have them installed into your existing vehicle.

The realm of aftermarket car accessories offers a myriad of options to personalize and enhance your driving experience. They can be practical, add functionality, increase security, or level up the aesthetics.

The world of upgrades can feel like opening a Netflix account for the first time: there’s so much choice you might not know where to start. To give you some helpful guidance, we’re breaking down 10 of the best car accessories you can get at Auto Image.

Window Tint: Privacy and Protection

Professional-grade window tint not only adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle, but also enhances privacy and protects against harmful UV rays. It contributes to temperature control within the cabin, making your drive more comfortable. As the leader in aftermarket car accessories in New Jersey, we carry a wide array of window tint products that we also professionally install.

Aftermarket Car Audio: An Audiophile’s Dream

Upgrade your in-car entertainment with aftermarket car audio. Premium speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers will transform your vehicle into a concert hall on wheels. Auto Image will help you personalize the audio setup to match your preferences for an immersive sound experience. We feature audio products from Pioneer, JL Audio, Focal, Alpine, and more of the industry’s leading brands. Need your new audio products professionally installed? Auto Image can do that, too!

Remote Start: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Remote start systems allow you to start your vehicle from a distance, ensuring a perfect cabin temperature for when you enter your ride. The next time we get ice and snow in New Jersey, you can thaw your car remotely using this handy aftermarket car accessory.

Car Security Systems: Protect Your Investment

An advanced car security system provides peace of mind by safeguarding your vehicle against theft and unauthorized access. Modern systems often include features like motion sensors, alarms, remote engine-kill, and even smartphone integration for remote monitoring. If your vehicle pulls a David Copperfield and magically disappears, you can use this piece of modern tech to track it down.

Car Video Systems: Entertainment on the Go

Car video systems, available as headrest monitors and overhead displays, are perfect for keeping backseat passengers entertained on long drives. Whether they’re playing movies, games, or music videos, these systems add a dash of entertainment to your journey. If you have rowdy kids who need a little distraction, video systems are one of the best car accessories you can invest in. While they’re mesmerized by Bluey, you can focus on the road ahead.

Paint Protection Film: Preserve Your Vehicle’s Shine

New Jersey highways in the winter are littered with rock salt, sand, pebbles, and other types of debris that can kick up and cause unsightly cosmetic damage to your vehicle. You can protect your vehicle’s paint job with paint protection film, a transparent layer that bonds to the body of your vehicle. As a leader in aftermarket car accessories New Jersey, we use 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection Film™ – the very best you can get.

Lighting Solutions: Illuminate the Road Ahead

When traveling on darkened, snowy roads, seeing is just as important as being seen. Upgraded lighting solutions, such as LED or HID headlights, enhance visibility and add a stylish touch to your vehicle. Fog lights, light bars, and accent lighting contribute to improved safety and aesthetics.

Parking Sensors: Navigate Tight Spaces with Ease

Parking sensors enable you to maneuver into tight spaces with surgical precision. These sensors provide audible alerts, helping you avoid obstacles and preventing minor dings and dents while parking.

Expand Your Visibility Using Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are the automotive equivalent of having eyes in the back of your head. This car accessory improves safety and prevents accidents by giving you a clear view from your rear bumper’s sightline. Backing into parking spaces and tricky parallel parking jobs just got way easier.

Dash Cameras: Your On-the-Road Documentarian

Have you ever been involved in a fender bender with no witnesses and thought, “Gee, I wish I had footage of what just happened.” Dash cameras do exactly that, mounting to your dash or front windshield and capturing high-quality video of your drives. Some dash cams include rear-facing components so that you can capture interior footage as well.

If you’re ever involved in an accident, your dash cam footage will help smooth things over with the police and your insurance carrier. Rideshare drivers love the models with interior cameras because they are invaluable when settling disputes involving rowdy passengers.

Find the Best Aftermarket Car Accessories in New Jersey at Auto Image

As you can see, there is no shortage of car accessories to choose from. Investing in professional window tint installation, and new sound system, or cameras and parking sensors delivers an instant upgrade in your vehicle’s style, functionality, and overall experience. And if you’re ever involved in a fender-bender or dispute, they can make all the difference in keeping you out of legal hot water.

Visit Auto Image today at our Brick or East Brunswick locations to get a guided tour of our best car accessories and see them in action. Remember, we’re not just a retailer of automotive products, but we also professionally install everything we sell.