How a Remote Car Starter is of Great Help to Women

Remote Car StarterWe as women, wives and moms often wish we had a third hand, an extra hour in the day or anything that would make life a little easier. A remote car starter has benefited me in more ways than I can count! Auto Image has 2 locations along the Jersey Shore (including Brick, and East Brunswick) and is the perfect place to go if you are thinking of having a remote start installed in your vehicle.

Heat or Cool Your Vehicle Safely

With a remote car starter, you can safely have your vehicle heat up in the winter or cool down in the summer months. In the summer, you might worry about a hot car seat or seatbelts burning your little ones. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have your vehicle at the perfect temperature before ever getting in? With a remote car starter, that can be your reality! With one press of a button, your car can be warming up or cooling itself down before you even step outside. The best part is that your vehicle remains safe because you keep your keys in your hands and the vehicle stays locked.

Safety Comes First

Safety is especially important nowadays. I always make sure my vehicle is locked when I get to my destination. My aftermarket remote on my key fob makes that extra-easy for me. If I’m walking into work and I’m unsure that I locked my car, I click a button on my remote instead of returning to my vehicle to check. Most newer vehicles come with a remote, but once the vehicle is running, the remote is inactive. With a remote car starter, you’ll never lose access to your lock/unlock buttons. This will really come in handy when your hands are full from carrying the groceries or an armful of other packages, not to mention a squirming child. You can just click a single button and rest assured that your vehicle and everything in it will remain safe.

Remote Car Starter,  Time Saver

Remote Car StarterRemember wishing you could have that extra hour in your day? A remote car starter may not give you an extra hour, but it will save you time, especially in the winter. It gets pretty cold in New Jersey during the winter months, and it’s common to have ice or frost on your windshield in the mornings. You will love being able to start your car from your kitchen in the morning and having all the frost melted off before you have to leave. You will never had to scrape the ice off your windshield again! This easily saves you 10–15 minutes every morning, giving you more time to pack lunches or get ready for work.

Remote Car Starters Make a Great Investment

If your schedule looks anything like mine, most days are usually pretty full. From errands to football practice to work, my car gets lots of use. I knew if I was going to invest in a remote car starter that I would want to make sure the purchase was worth it. And boy, has it been! I find myself using it multiple times a day. For example, in the winter, I use my remote to heat my car up in the morning before heading out the door. If I go out for my lunch break or have errands to run, I put it to use again. On date nights or evenings that I have other places to be, you better believe my vehicle is going to be comfortable when I get in it.

Stop by Auto Image

If a remote car starter is something you’re interested in, stop by one of the Auto Image stores and chat with a team member today. They’re ready to help you find the best solution and to answer any questions you may have. You can also contact them here for more info.