Is Your Marine Audio System Ready for the New Jersey Boating Season?

Marine Audio SystemAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick is your complete source for marine audio equipment. Our highly skilled staff are experts in building stereo systems in boats that will make you the life of the party. Why spend another year with a substandard marine audio system?

Is Your Boat the Life of the Party?

You love your boat. We get it. The sun in your face, the wind in your hair and the idea of a carefree day on the water all make us look forward to summer. But we do have one question. When you dock, is someone else’s boat the life of the party? Well, we can change that. Our marine audio systems will instantly make you and your boat the center of attention as you enjoy the finest concert on the water. Isn’t it time to improve the fun factor?

Easily Connect Your Phone or Portable Device

First things first. Connecting your favorite music to the stereo system on your boat should be easy. For this reason, all of our systems are set up to do wireless music streaming over Bluetooth. Our team has several different solutions to make this a reality for you. From Bluetooth-only modules to dedicated marine-grade source controllers, we have you covered. Would you like to listen to satellite radio? How about music on a thumb drive? Whatever the case may be, Auto Image has a solution for you.

Speakers Make Your Music Sound Better

Marine Audio SystemAre the speakers on your boat tired? Maybe you only have one pair and are in dire need of some extra locations. Our team will work with you to get your music sounding incredible.

Amplifiers Give You the Volume you Need

When you are cruising at speed, most marine audio systems get drowned out by the wind and engine noise. An amplifier solves that problem, by giving you the power needed to let you hear your favorite tunes over everything else. We offer several different models in many different configurations, so we are sure to have what you need.

Subwoofers make the Music Come Alive

Do you remember your favorite concert? You could feel the bass hit you in your chest, making you feel immersed in the music. That was a subwoofer, and we can bring that concert experience right onto your boat.

Tower Speakers Make Time Off the Boat Enjoyable

Marine Audio SystemAuto Image has a wide selection of tower speakers that are great for letting you listen to music while engaging in watersports or simply lounging off the boat. They are directional, allowing you to aim the sound wherever it is needed. When you add in our multi-zone controllers, everyone on or off the boat can enjoy their music at the volume level they desire.

Installations Designed to Last

When you trust your boat to us, our talented installers use reference-standard methods for our marine audio installations. Our goal is to give you a finished stereo system that will work reliably for years and years.

Schedule a Marine Audio System Consultation with Us

The final step in getting your boat ready for the New Jersey boating season is to schedule an audio consultation with Auto Image. You can stop by any of our convenient locations or simply click HERE. One of our staff will work with you to design and install the stereo system you have always wanted. Let us show you why year after year, more people all over the Jersey Shore choose us.