Motorcycle Audio is Best Left to the Professionals

Motorcycle AudioMotorcycle audio has been a big category at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick  for a long time. Since 1987, we have been passionate about restyling and customizing our client’s rides. Nowhere is this more evident that in audio upgrades. In recent years, more and more people are getting into offering stereo upgrades on motorcycles…but they don’t really understand what it takes to make a system sound great. Follow along with us as we explore why motorcycle audio is best left to the professionals.

Auto Image Employs Motorcycle Audio Experts

First things first, our team is made up of audio experts. We are passionate about extracting every last ounce of sound quality from your motorcycle. We don’t build engines or offer custom painting; we do audio! What that means to you is a staff that understands the different acoustics of a bike and what it takes to get a system that you can hear as clear as day when riding at speed. Every week we see a bike that looks like it had parts thrown at it in the hopes that it would sound good. Unfortunately, the client wasted his or her money and time. In the end, they spent more money than if they had come to us in the first place.

Our Products are Better

Motorcycle AudioAnother benefit in dealing with us is the quality of our products. When you come see us, what you won’t find is a salesperson flipping through a catalog hoping to find some products that may work. With our decades of experience in car audio, coupled with our three stores, we have the luxury of doing business with the best brands on the planet. Having this luxury gives us the benefit of supplying our clients with the best sounding, most reliable products available. As mentioned above, we see many bikes come through with products that are poorly engineered, mismatched, or simply not designed to handle the abuse of life on a motorcycle.

Our Installations are Designed to Last

If you think about words like electronics and motorcycles, it can be an oxymoron. Between the vibration, dust and moisture that is dished out to an audio system on a bike, it is critical that the installation is designed to last. Everything we do, from our connections, loomed wiring, and mounting placement is designed for longevity and easy serviceability. You should be able to focus on riding your bike, not getting your stereo system serviced.

Experience Us for Yourself

The best way to experience Auto Image and what makes us different is to ride on over to any of our convenient locations. One of our team will take all the time needed to look over your bike, get to know you better, and understand your goals for the upgrades. At that point, you will get a motorcycle audio system designed specifically around your needs. Let us show you why year after year, more people on the Jersey Shore come to us.

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