Product Spotlight: AMP Research PowerSteps

AMP Research PowerStepsIf you are looking for the ultimate truck step accessory, drop by Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick and ask about AMP Research PowerSteps. PowerSteps are a motorized running board that fits up nice and close to the rocker panel, then extends down when you open the door to make vehicle entry and exit easy. Let’s look at why these American-made steps offer the perfect balance of performance and functionality.

How AMP Research PowerSteps Work

AMP Research PowerStepsPowerSteps mount to the underside of your vehicle and in most applications, use existing mounting locations and hardware under the truck. When in its closed position, the step platform sits close to the rocker panel and, unless you know it’s there, is virtually invisible. As soon as you open your door, the step platform extends down to make getting in or out of your vehicle safer and easier. As AMP says “Getting into your truck shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest.”

Features and Design

The step platform is a high-strength extruded aluminum channel with integrated internal ribs for added strength. The motor assembly is weatherproof and uses OEM-quality drive components. The control module monitors motor current to prevent pinches and keep the platform in position if someone is standing on the step when the door is closed.

The hinge mechanism is made of a high-strength, die-cast aluminum alloy and is anodized then finished with a military-spec PTFE coating to ensure corrosion resistance. All of the pivot points are self-lubricating and corrosion-resistant. The steps can handle dust, mud, rain and snow.

AMP Research includes low-profile LEDs to illuminate the step when it’s in the extended position.


AMP Research PowerStepsEach PowerStep solution is designed specifically to fit the intended vehicle. The original PowerStep extends down about six inches while reaching away from your truck by about four inches. The PowerStep XL is designed for lifted vehicles and adds an additional three inches of reach to make climbing into your monster easier. The PowerStep Xtreme features an enhanced step platform with deeper ridges for added traction. The Xtreme series features upgraded mechanism components and dual motors on each step. All three styles can handle up to 600 pounds per step and carry a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

The Perfect Solution

When retracted, the PowerStep has almost no effect on ground clearance or the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Our technicians employ the same industry-reference wiring practices when installing and integrating your PowerStep as they do with our remote car starters and audio system upgrades.

If you are looking for the best step solution for your pickup truck, SUV or Jeep, drop by Auto Image or send us an e-mail using our contact page.