Product Spotlight: BAKFlip G2 Folding Bed Cover

BAKFlip G2 Folding Bed CoverWith two locations in the New Jersey area, Brick and East Brunswick, Auto Image offers a variety of products to get the most out of your truck bed. We are proud to announce our partnership with BAK Industries and its truck bed covers and accessories. The BAKFlip G2 folding bed cover offers the durability and protections our clients want.

The BAKFlip G2 Folding Bed Cover Secures Your Cargo

BAKFlip G2 Folding Bed CoverThe BAKFlip G2 utilizes an all-aluminum rail system designed to work with most trucks. The four folding composite sections use patented EPDM hinges with a waterproof seal to keep out the elements. When the bed cover is fully closed, you can access the bed by flipping down the truck’s tailgate. This feature allows you to use your tailgate’s factory lock system for an extra layer of protection.

Quick and Easy Bed Access

BAKFlip G2 Folding Bed CoverA unique feature of this folding tonneau system is the ability to segment the truck bed. If you are carrying a tall item or cargo that only requires 25 percent of the truck bed, you simply fold back one section of the cover. With patented Slam Lock technology, each section locks in place until you pull the release cable from other side of the vehicle.

High-Performance Truck Bed Protection

When you see the BAKFlip G2 folding tonneau cover up close, you will appreciate the extra features it adds to your truck. With the cover folded back on itself, it becomes a seating area or scaffolding for those hard to reach projects. In this position, the tonneau cover offers a 300-pound load capacity. If you need full access to the truck bed, the cover can fold up against the rear window of the truck. BAK Industries has included an adjustable locking system to secure the cover during transport.

If you’re looking to improve the functionally of your truck bed and you are in the Jersey Shore area, drop by either conveniently located Auto Image location, and one of our professional sales staff can answer any of your questions. Or send us an e-mail using the contact page on our website.