Upgrade Your Lights for Winter Weather

car driving with headlights on in the winter

And Explore How to Optimize Your Vehicle Lighting

As much as we wish daylight saving time lasted forever, winter is just around the corner, which means our days will soon be cut short. We’ll also be using our headlights a lot more than we’re used to.

It’s important to take proper care of your vehicle lighting and get them in working order before winter weather hits. Inclement weather that comes along with winter – like rain, sleet, fog, and snow – can limit light and visibility, which greatly impacts your safety on the road.

You’ll want to ensure you can see and be seen while driving. In this guide, we’ll explore how to stay safe behind the wheel and get the most out of your vehicle lighting this winter.

Shine Bright All Winter Long

Winter weather brings out some of our most careful driving. When attempting to maximize visibility, most drivers assume all they can do is defrost their windows. But what’s often overlooked is vehicle lighting, like headlights and taillights. There are a few things you can do to optimize your lights and prepare them for any storm that comes your way.

Be Ready
The last thing you want is to be pulled over on a cold day for a broken headlight you could’ve caught months ago. Start prepping your ride now! It shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

Just check your lights before you leave for work in the morning or as soon as you pull into the garage at night. You don’t have to do it daily, either. One to two times a week should suffice. Make sure to look for headlights and front turn signals reflected on the wall in front of you, and brake lights and rear turn signals behind you.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a light is burnt out from the driver’s seat, so it may be helpful to actually get out of the car as you check. If you notice anything missing, replace the bulb right away.

Clean the Covers
Over time, dirt and debris can make their way onto the covers of your headlights and taillights, causing them to become dim. You’d be surprised just how big of a difference cleaning these covers can make! Just use a damp, soft rag to wipe them down.

When it’s snowing, don’t forget to remove any snow or ice that may be covering the lights. Failing to do so will not only impede your visibility, but could also prevent other drivers from seeing you on the road.

If you’ve owned your car for a while, it’s also possible that your covers are cloudy or yellowed, which can impact their effectiveness. The good news is you can restore them using items that you most likely have on hand. Try dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, or toothpaste.

Replace Your Tail Lights
Swapping your car’s standard taillight and brake light for LED bulbs can make you more visible on the road. The bright light emitted from LED bulbs allows approaching drivers to notice you sooner, granting them more time to slow down if your foot’s on the brake.

Additionally, LED lights are energy-efficient and use less power than any other bulb. You also won’t have to worry about replacing them as often, as they have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Upgrade Your Headlights
To get the clearest view of the road and the most out of your vehicle lighting, consider upgrading your car’s factory headlights. Most standard vehicles today come with halogen headlights, which are dimmer compared to some other options out there.

High intensity discharge, or HID, bulbs are nearly two times brighter than halogen bulbs. They also use less energy, and have a longer lifespan. HID bulbs are a huge game-changer when it comes to driving in a snowstorm, providing you with optimal visibility.

Or, you may decide to replace your halogen bulbs with LEDs. LED headlights are even brighter than HID, but are more costly. When deciding how to upgrade your vehicle lighting, consider which option will work best for your personal budget.

Light Up Your Ride at Auto Image!

At Auto Image, we offer premium light kits and expert installation for all your vehicle lighting needs. Whether it’s a simple bulb replacement or installing a brand new lighting kit, we can help.

You’ll have access to a number of brands and headlight assemblies to fit every budget, so you can replace your decrepit lights for a great price. The choice is yours between HID and LED options. And if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, we can even install newer, premium halogen bulbs that are sure to outperform your ride’s original bulbs.

If you’re looking for more driver safety products to combat winter weather, we’ve got ‘em. Install a car remote start to warm up your car before you get behind the wheel, or auto paint protection film to protect your car’s paint from damage due to natural elements, like hail or ice.

It’s never too early to prep your ride for the cold months ahead! Contact us on our website or call (732) 254-2727 in East Brunswick, or (732) 920-0606 in Brick to get started.