Warm Up This Holiday Season with Winter Car Accessories

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5 of the Best Winter Car Accessories You Can Get at Auto Image

Winter is well on the way here in New Jersey. As we move into the final weeks of 2023, temperatures will get colder and we’ll see more days of snow and wintery mix. If you haven’t broken them out yet, it’s time to dig all the sweaters and heavy coats out of storage.

It’s also time to give some serious consideration as to how you’ll prep your vehicle for this round of winter on the east coast. As you probably guessed, winter is the time of year where weather-related fender benders are more frequent. The dicey road conditions can challenge even the most careful of drivers. Cold weather also means you’ll need to carve out some extra time in the morning to get your vehicle defrosted and ready to hit the road.

So, how do you get your vehicle prepared to drive defensively while removing as many of the winter-related pain points as possible? Winter car accessories, of course.

Having the right car accessories and upgrades can make a significant difference in your safety, comfort, and overall driving experience. The following breaks down the most essential accessories and upgrades to consider as you gear up for winter.

#1 – Winter Tires

If there’s one upgrade you should seriously consider before the snow and ice hits, it’s winter tires. That goes double for folks who have especially long work commutes in heavy traffic. Using a specialized compound and tread design, winter tires provide drivers with:

Not only do winter tires provide drivers with more control behind the wheel, but they also greatly reduce the risk of automobile accidents. Additionally, some car insurance providers will give a discount to drivers who switch over to winter tires, which offsets some of the expense of upgrading.

#2 – Remote Car Starter System

Without fail,remote car starter systems consistently rank as one of our best winter car accessories we sell at Auto Image. The next time your vehicle is covered in a layer of snow and ice, simply activate your remote start system from the cozy confines of your home. After 10 or so minutes, your car will be completely dethawed with a warm interior. The first time you get to avoid the old ice scraper routine, it feels like the car starter pays for itself.

#3 – Security System

Petty theft and porch pirates are an unfortunate side-effect of the holiday season, so it’s never a bad idea to think about winter car protection. Drivers should have the option to securely store their valuables and holiday items in their vehicle without worry, and having the right security system will allow you to do just that.

Car security systems are a little more advanced than they used to be. Sure, you’ll get the classic alarm that’s essential for scaring away thieves, but you also have plenty of feature choices, such as:

The next time a would-be thief is sniffing around a little too close to your vehicle, you can count on your trusty alarm system to issue a warning chirp to keep them at bay. If they’re gutsy enough to break in, the alarm will trigger and you’ll be notified.

#4 – Window Tint

We can’t speak for all car thieves, but it stands to reason that they won’t attempt to steal what they can’t see. If you really want to mitigate potential car theft and break-ins, you can’t go wrong with a window tint upgrade. Not only does window tint elevate the overall look and feel of the vehicle, but it also makes your windows dark enough that passersby can’t see inside the cabin. Think if tint like an additional layer of winter car protection.

#5 – Paint Protection Film

Winter means colder temperatures, but it also means drivers will encounter more salt, sand, ice, and other forms of hazardous debris out on the roads of New Jersey. In fact, you may have already noticed little dents and chips of paint missing on your vehicle.

If you care about the appearance and resale value of your vehicle,paint protection film is one of the best winter car accessories you can invest in this year. As the name implies, paint protection film is applied directly to your vehicle’s paint job, effectively providing it with a shielded coating that mitigates damage from common road debris. In terms of winter car protection, paint protection film is an elite product that will safeguard your vehicle’s appearance for years to come.

Get the Best Winter Car Accessories at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick

Now that you know which winter car accessories will protect your vehicle, add convenience, and enhance the behind-the-wheel experience, the next step is to visit Auto Image to get your upgrades installed. The snow and ice will hit before we know it, so there’s no reason to delay.

Visit one of our convenient locations in Brick or East Brunswick to get winter tires and other essential accessories. You can also make an appointment with us using the contact form on our website. One of our crew will be happy to give you a tour that showcases our best products and accessories.