6 Reasons to Have Your Car Detailed This Fall

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Prepare for Winter Weather with Automotive Detailing in New Jersey

It’s no secret that winter weather is extremely dangerous. It can damage your skin, your home, and unfortunately, your ride. But you don’t have to go into this season unarmored. Automotive detailing can protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of snow, sleet, and salt, keeping your vehicle in mint-condition.

Don’t wait until the first winter storm to start looking into automotive detailing services. You’ll want to do it in advance, so you can avoid a winter-related calamity and have peace of mind this holiday season. Without further ado, here are six reasons to have your car detailed this fall at Auto Image.

#1- Protect Your Paint

Your car’s finish is its most fragile surface, and winter weather can damage your paint job if you aren’t careful. Snow, sleet, and salt enhance embedded contaminants, which can then destroy the surface. Not only that, but road salt and other chemicals used to combat these elements are able to make their way through your car’s finish as well. This can generate scratching and corrosion, and cause rust later on.

Our automotive detailing services protect your exterior and properly prepare it for all that winter has in store. Detailing your ride will preserve its paint job and keep it looking like new.

#2- Completely Remove Hidden Dirt

You may think you can wipe down your vehicle at home and don’t need a professional automotive detailing service to do it for you, but the reality is that you’re most likely missing a lot of the harmful dirt and salt. These elements can make their way into your wheel wells, door jambs, headlights, and other small, hard to reach areas.

Car detailing is a surefire way to get to these areas, and at Auto Image, we have the tools and supplies needed to remove all the debris hidden inside of them.

#3- Prevent Your Leather from Cracking

Winter weather is even more of a threat to drivers with leather seats. This is because the cold, dry air that comes with the season can cause the leather to crack. Suddenly, your brand new ride has aged five years!

Getting your car detailed in the fall can condition your seats and provide them with the moisture they need before winter has a chance to harm them.

#4- Put a Stop to Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria

It’d be unrealistic to remove the snow and ice from the bottom of your shoes every single time you returned to your vehicle. During the winter months, it’s inevitable that you’ll bring moisture into your ride, but things can quickly go south if you don’t take proper action. When water gets stuck in cracks or crevasses and is unable to evaporate, it can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria to form. This is not only unhealthy, but can also leave your vehicle with an unpleasant odor.

Automotive detailing protects your interior and prevents any of these unwanted elements from growing inside your ride.

#5- Improve Your Tires

Your tires play a huge role in your safety behind the wheel. Even the smallest issue with them can immediately put you at risk while driving – especially in winter weather. For your ultimate safety, you’ll want to ensure that your tires are ready to go well before the first snowfall.

Our automotive detailing services at Auto Image clean and dress your tires, removing any dirt that could reduce traction or wear them down. With car detailing, your tires will be more than prepared for that sudden stop or slick road.

Upkeeping your tires can also save you money in the long run. You won’t need to purchase new ones as quickly, leaving you with more money just in time for the holiday season!

#6- Enhance Visibility

Just because you can see out of your windshield doesn’t mean it’s necessarily clean. There’s a good chance there’s some dirt buildup that when combined with poor winter conditions, will impair your visibility on the road. This makes it more likely for an accident to occur.

At Auto Image, all of our car detailing packages include window cleaning to improve visibility and help you stay safe on the road.

Explore Our Automotive Detailing Packages at Auto Image!

At Auto Image, we offer six different car detailing packages, varying in services and prices to best accommodate your needs. Consider the Classic Image Package for your most basic cleaning, or the VIP Image Package to fully prep your ride for winter weather.

If you’re looking for more ways to protect your vehicle’s paint, auto paint protection film can do the job. Think of it as a shield. It’ll take the hit first and prevent any damage from ever reaching your vehicle’s paint. When the film gets damaged, just replace it and your vehicle is good as new!

Looking for more auto upgrades that will turn heads on the road? A car wrap can completely transform your vehicle and make it your own. At Auto Image, we only use the most durable and longest-lasting vinyl wrap to provide you with the best quality possible.

Now more than ever is the best time to equip your vehicle for winter weather. To get started, visit us in East Brunswick or Brick. Or you can contact us via email using the contact form on our website.