Car Stereo Speakers to Put On Your Holiday Wishlist

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Maximize Your Luxury Ride with New Car Speakers

Let’s face it. Half the fun of being on the road is listening to your favorite tunes on the way to your destination. But it isn’t always a flawless experience, especially when your vehicle’s factory audio system is fighting hard to keep up. Unfortunately, your car’s standard speakers aren’t always the best quality, even in luxury models. You might often find yourself settling for a lower volume just to prevent your sound from distorting.

Luckily, there’s a way to revitalize your audio system and optimize your listening experience. It’s with car speaker installation.

With the holidays right around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to install new car stereo speakers into your ride. When you put new speakers on your wishlist, you’ll receive a gift that just keeps on giving.

In this guide, we’ll reveal all that car speaker installation can add to your luxury ride, explain how each speaker can improve your audio, and lastly, we’ll recommend a few of our favorites.

What is Car Speaker Installation?

Car speaker installation is the process of installing aftermarket car stereo speakers into your vehicle. Drivers decide to replace their factory speakers for a multitude of reasons, the most common being that they are looking to improve their sound quality.

Whether it’s replacing a broken speaker, upgrading a speaker or subwoofer, or revamping your entire stereo system, car speaker installation can help.

What Each Speaker Offers Your Audio System

While some drivers know exactly what they want out of their car stereo system, others aren’t sure where to begin. A good start is knowing what type of speaker will deliver you with the results you’re looking for.

Aftermarket replacement speakers work with your amplifier to produce the best sound quality possible. When you upgrade your car stereo speakers, you’ll instantly notice a difference in the clarity and performance of your sound. You’ll also hear small details in your favorite songs that your previous speakers weren’t able to produce. When you pair your aftermarket replacement speakers with an amplifier, you’ll be able to turn up the volume as loud as it can go without any distortion, enabling you to enjoy your tunes just the way you like.

Subwoofers allow you to immerse yourself in the music. Providing you with even more depth, you’ll hear the full impact of your sound and appreciate the bass and low notes your current speakers can’t support. Installing subwoofers can prevent your loudspeakers from heavy lifting, ultimately advancing your overall audio system.

You won’t have to sacrifice room in your cargo space, either. Car speaker boxes are small enough to fit seamlessly in your ride and can still produce a resonating sound.

To ensure your installments are working to their highest potential, you’ll want to also install an amplifier. Aftermarket amplifiers can provide your new car stereo speakers with the power they need to thrive.

Car Stereo Speakers to Add to Your Wishlist

Now that you know what each car stereo speaker can offer your audio system, it’s time to dive into some of our favorites. Here are a few car stereo speakers you’ll want to consider adding to your wishlist this holiday season.

#1 – Alpine SPS-610 6.5-Inch 2-Way Type-S Series Coaxial Car Speakers

A leader in the car audio industry, Alpine continues to deliver an unbeatable sound quality for an even better price. The SPS-610 speakers are part of Alpine’s Type-S speaker series and feature a swivel tweeter that provides you with over 10 degrees of movement for efficient sound tuning.

These speakers have excellent sound performance for a competitive price. Complete with Alpine’s typical offering of high-quality sound, there’s no doubt they will enhance your listening experience.

#2 – JL Audio ACS110LG-TW1

This small but mighty subwoofer combines a 10-inch cone and a whopping 400 watts of power into one car speaker box. Its compact design is not only perfect for luxury SUVs and small trucks, but it uses a mica-filled polypropylene cone to integrate lightness and stiffness, delivering you with a deep sound, even at the highest volume.

#3 – Focal PC 165 FE

These 6.5-inch 2-way speakers feature a flax woofer cone to provide you with a dynamic, natural sound. Additionally, they include a “tuned mass damper” surround that controls your sound and gives it more neutrality.

To create an even greater listening experience, these speakers are designed with a ‘M’-profile inverted dome coaxial tweeter that delivers a more advanced and defined sound.

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