Acura RSX Air Ride System for Brick Client

Acura RSX Air RideA client from Brick contacted Auto Image about installing his 2005 Acura RSX Air Ride system. We met with the customer to review what components would meet his needs and discuss where he wanted the system controller installed. With a plan in place, we scheduled an appointment time to perform the installation.

Air Compressor and Tank Installation

We placed the Accuair 5-gallon air tank at the rear of the spare tire well. A set of mounting blocks will keep the Viair air compressor and Air Lift manifold and controller off the floor of the trunk. The compressor is plumbed directly to a Bag Rider fitting on the rear of the tank. We installed a Bag Rider tank drain at the same time to allow the client to remove moisture that builds up over time.

We created a trim panel that conceals the compressor and system controller and wrapped the panel in carbon fiber-finish vinyl. As you can see, we are working on an audio system for the client as well. We will be building a trim panel for the amps in the near future.

Acura RSX Air Ride System Controller

Acura RSX Air Ride
The controller was temporarily mounted in the dash for easy access.

The client chose an Air Lift AutoPilot V2 air management system for the vehicle. The AutoPilot kit includes a rugged controller that displays the air pressure in each corner of the car. The eight presets allow the client to tailor the system to his needs. The controller will also monitor the operation time of the compressor and warn if there are any leaks.

We installed the controller on the far left side of the dash in the factory air vent location and created an ABS plastic panel on which we mounted the controller. We will be making a trim panel for the controller at a later date.

Ksport Air Strut Installation

Acura RSX Air Ride
Our technicians installed coilover shocks that had integrated airbags.

Honda and Acura suspension systems are nice to work on because they use coilover struts in all four corners. We installed a set of Ksport struts with integrated airbags in each location. The struts include new top bearing plates to simplify the installation further. The struts provide 4 inches of travel and have adjustable lower perches for fine-tuning ride height and air pressure.

System Delivery

The client returned to Auto Image to check out his new Acura RSX air ride suspension system. He loves the way he can lower the car at shows and parking lot meets, then raise it to drive home safely.

For more information about an air suspension system for your vehicle, drop by Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick, or send us an E-MAIL.