Apple CarPlay is Available at Auto Image

Apple CarPlayAdding Apple CarPlay to your car or truck is easy at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick. If you own an iPhone and spend any significant amount of time in your vehicle, then a new Pioneer source unit with CarPlay can keep you safe and productive at the same time. Let’s look at what CarPlay can do for you.

Apple CarPlay Increases Safety

We all know that focusing on the road and the vehicles around us is the most important task while driving. Apple launched the CarPlay system in the spring of 2014 to allow drivers to use essential communication, information and entertainment features while minimizing driver distraction.

CarPlay is based on Apple’s Siri voice recognition system. The system recognizes voice commands to execute tasks so you can stay focused on the road ahead. For example, if someone sends you a text, SMS or iMessage, you can ask to have it read by saying, “Read new text messages.” The system will read you any new messages and prompt you to send a response. The voice-to-text capabilities of Siri convert your words to a text reply.

The CarPlay system also lets you make phone calls using the contacts in your phone, an Internet search or by simply saying the phone number. You can say “call 1-905-555-1212,” “call Mitch, mobile” or “call Auto Image.” CarPlay makes it easy.

Real-time Navigation

Apple CarPlayAnother important feature of Apple CarPlay is Apple Maps. You can ask for directions to a destination, and Maps will plot a quick and efficient route for you. The system takes into account real-time traffic flow information to optimize the path, and provides turn-by-turn voice prompts to help you navigate safely. A key benefit of using Apple Maps is that you will never need to buy map updates – the system uses the most-recent mapping available each time to plan a route.

Entertainment Options

You can ask CarPlay to play the music on your phone by song title, artist or even album name. If you have a subscription to Apple Music, you can stream the songs you like over your cellular data connection. CarPlay also supports Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music – even Radio Disney for the kids. If you like audio books, the system also supports Apple Audiobooks, and Audible.

Expert CarPlay Installation and Integration

If you are interested in adding CarPlay to your vehicle, drop by one of our three conveniently located Auto Image locations in New Jersey and speak with a member of our sales team. They can show you all of the different source unit options and explain how we can integrate one of them into your vehicle. For more information about our CarPlay solutions, send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.