Going Beyond the Basics: Car Window Tinting Products That Deliver Serious Style Points

technician applying window tint film to car

An Overview of Top Window Tint Products to Help Guide Your Selection

Car window tinting remains one of the most popular upgrades Auto Image customers get. Not only does window tint deliver an instant upgrade in aesthetics, but it also provides numerous practical benefits, including enhanced passenger privacy, reduced risk of skin cancer, and cooler cabin temperatures during the summer.

The many perks of car window tinting combined with its affordability explain why it’s one of the most frequently purchased aftermarket products. However, the wide selection of window film gives some customers pause. The variances between window tints are often so marginal that they can appear identical to the untrained eye.

How can you tell which product is best?

Among the myriad of options available on the market, certain window tints stand out for their quality, performance, and unique benefits. In this blog, we’ll delve into specific products that hit all the right notes with Auto Image customers. We’ll also explain where to find car window tint near you in New Jersey and how to get professional window tint installation.

Solar Gard Supreme

Solar Gard Supreme is the industry standard in window tinting, providing drivers with numerous style options that deliver optimal heat control and solar protection. All Solar Gard Supreme window films block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, helping you preserve the condition of your vehicle’s interior by reducing sun-related fading. Solar Gard Supreme window tint is available in charcoal, quantum, smoke plus, and other shade options.

Distinguishing Characteristics: What sets Solar Gard Supreme products apart is how they perfectly balance affordability, performance, and aesthetics. They also give drivers a nice range of options in terms of visible light transmittance. Customers who prefer an ultra-dark cabin can go as low as 4%.

Solar Gard Galaxie

Solar Gard Galaxie is a level above Solar Gard Supreme. Available in seven tint shades, this high-performance product provides maximum heat rejection and up to 99% UV ray protection. The film also boasts low reflectivity, ensuring clear visibility day and night. Drivers will love the touch of sophistication Solar Gard Galaxie window tint adds to their vehicle.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Solar Gard Galaxie tint products come with a limited lifetime warranty and are guaranteed not to fade, instilling maximum consumer confidence. The manufacturer also highlights Solar Gard Galaxie as a signal-friendly tint that won’t affect smartphone usage, GPS, or satellite radio playback. If you’ve ever dropped an important call in the car or been subjected to audio peppered with heavy static, Solar Gard Galaxie is right up your alley.

3M™ Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series

The 3M™ Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series utilizes patented technology to offer superior UV protection and heat rejection. Designed to provide cost-effective sun control without compromising on quality, this line of window films comes in eight shades, blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, and has a wide range of visible light transmittance options.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The Obsidian Series is notable for its use of 3M™ proprietary technology, which ensures long lasting durability, performance, fade resistance, and color retention. Whereas the average tint will start to degrade around the five-year mark, customers can expect to get a little extra mileage from the Obsidian Series. Like the Solar Gard Galaxie lineup, the Obsidian Series also uses non-metalized film, ensuring your electronic devices are free from signal issues.

3M™ Automotive Window Film Ceramic IR Series

The Ceramic IR Series represents the pinnacle of 3M™ window film technology, offering advanced infrared heat rejection through absorptive nano-ceramic technology. This window tint rejects up to 99.9% of ultraviolet light, up to 95% infrared waves, and up to 66% solar energy, making it one of the top performing window films on the market. Available in seven shades, the Ceramic IR Series is a non-metalized film that will elevate any vehicle.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The Ceramic IR Series stands out for its advanced ceramic technology, which not only provides excellent heat rejection but also maintains high visibility and reduces glare. Its premium construction makes it one of the top choices for car owners who demand the best in performance and protection. However, what really makes this window film stand out is its formal endorsement from the Skin Cancer Foundation as a recommended product. If you want the ultimate in UV protection, the Ceramic IR Series is the gold standard in window tinting.

Searching for Car Window Tinting Near You? Visit Auto Image!

Choosing the right window tinting product for your vehicle depends on your specific needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Whether you prioritize affordability, heat rejection, UV protection, or technological compatibility, there’s a film suited to your requirements. You have no shortage of options, but the Solar Gard and 3M™ products we highlighted here have the best track records in terms of performance, longevity, and customer satisfaction.

Our online window tint simulator allows you to preview how window tint products will look on your car, truck, or SUV. After choosing the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you can contrast and compare various window tint options from Solar Gard and 3M™.

You can also check out these window tint options in person by visiting Auto Image at our Brick and East Brunswick locations, Monday through Saturday. Not only do we carry numerous high quality window film products, but we also perform professional window tint installation right here at our shop. This ensures your window film is perfectly cut and applied to your windows, reducing the risk of bubbling, fogging, and peeling.

Set up a personalized shopping appointment by sending us an email using the contact form on our website. One of our professionals will walk you through your window tint options and all the important nuances that set them apart.

Want to apply all the benefits of car window tinting to your home or business? Our sister company Energy Solutions offers numerous residential and commercial tint products that will help you regulate interior temperatures and reduce UV ray exposure.