Safety First: Car Accessories That Integrate Advanced Tech in Your Vehicle

view of car backup camera feed

The Top 6 Best Car Accessories and Upgrades to Consider Before the Summer

When people think about the most desired traits they want in a vehicle, high-octane performance, exceptional infotainment, and great fuel economy all come to mind. Some cars prioritize low cost of ownership, while others aim to elevate ride quality using advanced features and a ton of muscle under the hood.

However, if there’s one thing all drivers can agree on, it’s that they want to feel confident behind the wheel. In an era where driver safety and vehicle security are more important than ever, equipping your car with the right aftermarket accessories can make all the difference. Older model cars that predate the advent of sensor and camera technology have the most room for improvement.

Fortunately for drivers, aftermarket car accessories provide an avenue to integrate the advanced features of today into the vehicles of yesteryear, avoiding a trip to a car dealership and investing tens of thousands of dollars in a new ride. In this blog, we’ll explore some key car accessories designed to boost safety and security, ensuring peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike.

Remote Start: One of the Best Car Accessories for Extreme Weather

Remote start systems allow you to start your car from a distance, warming up the engine and adjusting the interior temperature before you even get inside. It’s equally handy on hot days when the AC unit needs a moment to ramp up and on cold days when nor’easters turn your vehicle into a popsicle.

Remote start not only offers the convenience of a comfortable cabin, but also acts as a deterrent against theft. Modern remote start systems have anti-theft features to prevent unauthorized access and operation. If you value cabin comfort, convenience, and security, remote start is a must-have addition.

Bolster Your Defenses With a Car Security System

Your vehicle is likely one of your most valuable possessions. Just imagine the feeling of walking out to an empty driveway because your ride was stolen in the middle of the night. According to recent statistics, there were 16,605 reported vehicle thefts in New Jersey in 2023, which means car owners are advised to beef up their defenses.

Upgrading your vehicle with a comprehensive security system can protect against break-ins, looting, and theft. Modern systems include features like shock sensors, which trigger an alarm if someone tries to break in or tow your car. Some systems also offer GPS and real-time alerts to your smartphone, keeping you informed about your vehicle’s status and location.

Protect Your Paint Job with Parking Sensors

Even a minor collision at low speeds can leave unsightly damage to your vehicle. Not only does this reduce the aesthetics of your car but it also impacts its marketability and resale value. You can avoid this issue by investing in parking sensors, which are invaluable for navigating tight parking spaces and busy lots where visibility is limited. This accessory helps prevent fender benders and protects pedestrians by issuing an alert when incidental contact is imminent, helping you take corrective action.

Reverse with Confidence Using a Backup Camera

Backup cameras are one of the best car accessories for drivers who’ve yet to master backing into spaces and parallel parking, or who want a better view behind their vehicle. Using a camera that’s securely mounted on the rear of your vehicle, it provides a live feed of the area behind your car that’s displayed on a dashboard screen or rearview mirror. Backup cameras significantly reduce the risk of accidents and are especially useful for vehicles with large blind spots.

Blind Spot Systems: Your Extra Set of Eyes on the Road

Many lane changing accidents occur because drivers can’t see the vehicles in their blind spots. This is especially relevant to owners of large trucks and SUVs, as these vehicles tend to have more visibility challenges compared to coupes and sedans.

An aftermarket blind spot monitoring system is the quickest and most efficient fix. Using an arrangement of sensors or cameras, drivers are provided a visual or auditory warning when a vehicle is detected in their blind spot. This accessory can be a literal lifesaver on the highway during heavy traffic, as this is the most common scenario when vehicles enter blind spots unnoticed.

Record Your Drives with a Dash Camera

Dash cameras are one of the best aftermarket car accessories you can have in the event of an accident. They continuously record footage of your drive, providing an unbiased account of any mishaps you experience on the road.

The clear evidence of what happened can be invaluable for insurance claims and legal purposes. Some dash cameras also feature parking mode, which records any activity around your vehicle when it’s parked, adding an extra layer of security.

How to Find Aftermarket Car Accessories in New Jersey

Incorporating aftermarket car accessories into your vehicle enhances safety while contributing to a worry-free driving experience. Whether it’s through advanced alert systems, collision avoidance technology, or theft deterrence, investing in these upgrades is a wise choice for any car owner that wants to protect themselves, their passengers, and their vehicle.

Car owners can find aftermarket car accessories in New Jersey at automotive shops that specialize in these types of products. In addition to car accessories, many of them perform professional window tint installation, car audio upgrades, and detailing services.

Contact a shop near you to inquire about aftermarket car accessories that will enhance your vehicle’s safety and security.