How Can I Upgrade My Car in New Jersey?

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Aftermarket Car Upgrades Will Give You That New-Car Feeling All Over Again

In the auto industry, manufacturers are always releasing new models that provide drivers with improved design and up-to-date features. And to keep up with these advances, you might think you need to swap your beloved vehicle for an all-new ride. Fortunately, there’s a much easier – and affordable – way to take advantage of these new updates, and it’s with aftermarket car upgrades.

The beauty of car upgrades is that it’s entirely up to you how you’d like to personalize your vehicle. Although there are several ways to upgrade the exterior and interior of your car, many drivers start with their sound system. Car audio upgrades make huge improvements to both your listening and driving experience.

At Auto Image, we offer a wide variety of car audio upgrades in East Brunswick and Brick, and have everything you need to completely revitalize your car sound system. Our experts have extensive knowledge on audio products, and know just what to install to optimize your sound.

Here’s how to upgrade your car in New Jersey with our audio solutions at Auto Image.

#1 – Start With Your Stereo

Whether you’re wanting a basic stereo replacement or one with all the bells and whistles, upgrading your car stereo will make a huge difference. Install a stereo system with updated technological features, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, to easily access your smartphone from the convenience of your dash.
Stream your playlist or allow your passengers to play theirs with wireless Bluetooth connection. In a few simple steps, anyone in the vehicle can connect to your new car stereo system. Or, tune into music, talk, sports, and entertainment by installing an aftermarket car upgrade that includes Sirius XM Radio.

Installing a double DIN video unit can enhance your safety on the road. These systems provide you with the latest driver safety features, like a backup camera and blind spot monitoring.

Or, upgrade your factory stereo system by installing new features at Auto Image. From Bluetooth, to navigation systems, to driver safety features, you can improve your original sound system with a variety of car audio upgrades in East Brunswick.

#2 – New Speakers Will Boost Your Sound Quality

An upgraded stereo system is nothing without speakers to go along with it. Aftermarket speakers increase the quality of your car stereo and produce a clear, crisp sound with no distortion.

Most factory speakers aren’t designed for max volume and are easily damaged if overworked. Aftermarket speakers are powerful enough to listen loud – if that’s what you prefer. They produce clearer highs and deeper lows, allowing you to listen exactly how the artist intended.

When you upgrade your car in New Jersey, you’ll get to shop speakers of all shapes, sizes, and types. At Auto Image, you can even test them out before you buy to ensure ultimate satisfaction. Our installers can add them to your vehicle, no matter your make or model.

#3 – Feel the Music With a Subwoofer

Subwoofers are designed to intensify the low notes of your sound, and should be included in your East Brunswick car audio upgrade if you want a deep bass. Achieve your desired sound with a sealed or ported subwoofer.

A sealed subwoofer enclosure will provide you with a tighter, more accurate bass, whereas a ported enclosure is less refined and produces a rattling, booming bass.

You won’t have to sacrifice cargo space for a new subwoofer. Modern subwoofer enclosures are as small as a briefcase, and can be seamlessly installed to your vehicle with the help of our professional installers.

#4 – Power Your Sound System

If you’re still listening to your car’s factory sound system, chances are its amplifier is underpowered and your sound quality isn’t as great as it could be. An aftermarket amplifier powers your audio system to produce a resonant sound, allowing your New Jersey car upgrades to work at their highest potential.

Regardless of your budget, you’ll find an amplifier to fit your exact needs. Our friendly staff will help you compare products from Pioneer, Alpine, JL Audio, and more, so you can find the best one for you and your desired sound.

Get Your Car Upgraded in New Jersey at Auto Image

When it comes to installing car audio upgrades in East Brunswick and Brick, you’ll want to leave the job to a professional. At Auto Image, we not only have nearly every aftermarket auto accessory imaginable, but we can install them for you, too.

Check out our audio solutions, then make an appointment for a car sound system upgrade near you.