5 FAQs About Our Window Tinting in New Jersey

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At Auto Image, one of our most popular services is car window tinting. This upgrade isn’t just a way to make your vehicle look more luxurious -although it does that, too. It’s a practical accessory that prolongs the life of your car’s interior, protects your skin from harmful UV rays, increases your privacy, and adds comfort to your drive.

Our professional window tinting in East Brunswick and Brick provides you with incredible results that improve the look and functionality to your vehicle. However, some drivers are hesitant about installing tint on their luxury car’s windows and aren’t sure what to expect.

That’s why we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about our window tinting services. After you’ve learned more about professional window tinting, you’ll see just how much it can improve your ride. Here are common questions drivers have about car window tint.

#1 – What Are the Different Types of Window Tint?

We offer four different levels of film for our New Jersey window tinting. Each level provides its own degree of durability, warranties, clarity, and UV protection. The choice is yours among a variety of Solar Gard and 3M™ films, including Standard Supreme, Galaxie, Obsidian, and Ceramic IR.

#2 – How Do I Know Which Film to Install?

Deciding what type of luxury car window tint to install can be overwhelming, but our experts are here to help throughout the entire process. We’ll recommend a film that aligns with your budget and needs, and then install it onto your vehicle.

No matter what you’re looking for out of your upgrade, we have a film that satisfies every need. If you’re wanting a budget-friendly option, the Standard Solar Gard Supreme film is a great choice. But if you’re interested in a film that provides ultimate heat rejection and gives your windows a mirror-like appearance, check out the 3M™ Ceramic IR series.

#3 – What Are the Benefits of Luxury Car Window Tint?

Besides boosting the overall aesthetic of your car, there are several other benefits of installing luxury car window tint. It effectively blocks UV rays from entering your vehicle, protecting both your skin and your car’s interior from the sun’s damaging effects.

You’ll also notice a cooler interior, especially in hot weather. This creates a more comfortable drive and takes some of the heavy-lifting off of your car’s air conditioning system.

Depending on the film you install, you can also benefit from additional privacy. Passersby won’t be able to see inside your vehicle, reducing the chances of a break-in if you left any valuables behind.

#4 – What Will Window Tint Look Like On My Vehicle?

When considering window tinting in New Jersey, it can be hard to imagine what it will look like on your personal vehicle. To help you, we offer an online tint simulator for our window tinting near you that can give you a preview before your installation.

Get a sneak peak of your upgraded car, truck, or SUV by selecting its make, model, and year. You can even adjust the tint type and percentage to match your personal preferences. In a few easy steps, you’ll get to see how this upgrade will revitalize your vehicle.

#5 – Why Should I Get Professional Window Tinting in East Brunswick?

There are a few reasons it’s best to get your luxury car window tint installed by a professional. Installing your own window tint may seem like the quicker and easier option, but there’s more that goes into it than you may realize.

Most drivers aren’t aware of the tint regulations in their area. If your window tint is too dark, you put yourself and others at risk. You could also face some hefty fines. Our window tinting professionals in East Brunswick and Brick are experts on local regulations and will ensure your tint abides with the law.

Additionally, our professionals have the proper equipment for a seamless installation. We use SolarGard and 3M™ products for our New Jersey window tint, offering only high-quality products that last.

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Not only does our window tinting near you enhance the appearance of your luxury vehicle, but it also keeps its interior in its best condition for as long as possible. Our team of installers at Auto Image have mastered window tinting in New Jersey, promising a flawless installation that won’t peel, bubble, or tear.

When you’re ready to take advantage of professional window tinting in East Brunswick and Brick, take a look at our selection of window tinting levels. Then, make an appointment to install luxury car window tint at Auto Image.