How Do I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Window Tint? 5 Signs to Look For

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Restore Your Car Window Tint with Our Window Tinting Services in East Brunswick and Brick Township

If your vehicle is equipped with window tint, you know just how beneficial this car accessory can be. It gives you more privacy, prevents your interior from fading, protects your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, makes for a more comfortable ride, and more.

However, inexpensive DIY tint and factory tint don’t last forever, and window tint replacement is necessary to keep yours looking and working at its highest potential. Even if you didn’t get your car window tint installed by our professionals the first time around, we can still help you replace it.

At Auto Image, we offer window tinting services in East Brunswick and Brick Township that assist you in all your window tint needs, from all-new installation to quality replacements or upgrades.

Can’t tell if your car window tint needs to be replaced? Here are five signs to look out for, and when to consider a window tint replacement from Auto Image.

#1 – Air Bubbles and Bulges

One of the most common signs you need a window tint replacement are air bubbles and bulges. When the adhesives of your window film start to break down, it’s easier for air to get trapped between your window and the film. This creates air bubbles and bulges in your window tint that are not only unsightly, but make it less effective.

Although all window films eventually break down over time, low-quality tint or an insufficient installation can speed up this process and require a window tint replacement sooner than you might have anticipated. When you replace your window tint at Auto Image, it’ll be installed with a high-quality film that will increase the longevity of your tint.

#2 – Curling or Peeling at the Edges

As time passes, the adhesives of your window tint lose their stickiness, causing the film to lift up and peel along the edges. This diminishes the look of your window tint. The process is hard to stop once it’s begun.

If your window tint has started peeling, it’s time to replace it. It’s a good idea to get a window tint replacement from our professionals who have access to longer-lasting and higher quality window films that will stay adhered for as long as possible – and that come with lengthy warranties on both products and workmanship.

#3 – Discoloration

Both prolonged sun exposure and the natural aging of your window tint cause it to discolor and fade over time. As it fades, you might notice your dark window tint turning purple or having a spotty appearance. If you initially installed window tint for aesthetic appeal, window tint replacement will bring your vehicle back to optimal condition.

#4 – Scratches On the Surface

Your car window tint should have a smooth, barely-there appearance, and scratches on its surface are a telltale sign you need window tint replacement in East Brunswick. Scratches can give your vehicle a run-down, damaged look and reduce the overall effectiveness of your car window tint. They might even create other problems in your tint, like tearing or peeling.

Replacing your window tint with a stronger, more durable window film will prevent scratching and allow you to truly make the most of your installation.

#5 – Interference With Your Windows

If your car windows are difficult to roll up and down, it’s likely that your window tint was installed incorrectly and a window tint replacement is in order. Whether you installed your window tint on your own or got it applied by an unqualified installer, your tint may be too thick, cut to the wrong size, or applied with an uneven layer of adhesive, which can affect how your windows operate.

Our professional window tinting services in East Brunswick and Brick Township will ensure your window tint is installed correctly, making for a seamless experience behind the wheel.

Make an Appointment to Replace Your Window Tint in New Jersey

If you’re experiencing at least one of these five signs, it may be time to consider a window tint replacement at Auto Image. Our professional technicians are highly trained and can ensure a flawless installation, so you can experience all that car window tint has to offer.

We provide you with four different options of window tint levels, making it easier than ever to install a film that satisfies your every need. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which one best aligns with your goals – our team of experts will help you decide and install it for you, too.

And if you’re wanting to give window tint a try for the first time, check out our online tint simulator to see how our window tinting services in East Brunswick will enhance your ride.

When you’re ready to get started with our window tint replacement service, just make an appointment online at our East Brunswick or Brick Township location.