Protect Yourself and Your Luxury Car’s Interior with Aftermarket Window Tint This Summer

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Explore All the Benefits of Our New Jersey Window Tinting Services

Summer is the best time to roll down the windows of your luxury car and cruise down the Jersey Shore. But as the music is blasting and the wind is blowing through your hair, it can be easy to forget just how damaging the sun’s UV rays really are – to both you and your luxury vehicle.

Aftermarket window tint is a solution that will not only protect you and your skin, but also the delicate interior of your car. At Auto Image, we’re proud to offer luxury car window tinting in East Brunswick and Brick Township, as well as a selection of window tinting levels to fit the personal needs and budget of every driver.

Here’s how to protect both yourself and the interior of your luxury car this summer, thanks to our window tinting services in New Jersey.

How Does the Sun Cause Damage to Me and My Vehicle?

Although your car window can act as an additional layer of protection between you and the sun, it doesn’t block the entire UV spectrum. This means that the sun’s harmful UV rays can still make their way inside your vehicle, which is why aftermarket window tint is so important.

When the sun’s UV rays reach your skin, they can cause skin damage and increase your chances of developing skin cancer. And that’s not all – these rays can also wreak havoc on your luxury vehicle’s precious interior by promoting fading and cracking. This damage takes away from the high-end look of your vehicle and could also result in costly repairs later on.

Stay Protected With Aftermarket Window Tint

Window tint is made of materials that are able to absorb and reflect harmful UV rays. Rather than transmitting through the glass, the window tint acts as a protective barrier that – depending on the film – absorbs or reflects the rays off of your vehicle, keeping its interior and everyone inside out of harm’s way.

It’s important to note that each aftermarket window tint varies in UV protection, meaning some films are more effective at blocking UV rays than others. When you get started with our luxury car window tinting in East Brunswick, our team of auto experts will recommend a window tint that satisfies your needs and provides you with ultimate protection.

Our Window Tinting Services at Auto Image

At Auto Image, our window tint near you isn’t one-size-fits-all. We know just how unique each driver and their vehicle are, which is why we provide four different levels of film to account for a variety of needs and budgets. Explore options that optimize aesthetics, privacy, heat reduction, and most importantly, UV protection.

Install Your Luxury Car Window Tint in East Brunswick or Brick Township Today

Summer is in full swing, making now more than ever the perfect time to install aftermarket window tint into your luxury vehicle. When you take advantage of our window tinting services at Auto Image, you can equip your ride with high-quality, durable window film that provides you with the greatest level of protection.

Don’t wait to get started with our window tinting near you. Schedule an appointment for luxury car window tinting in East Brunswick or Brick Township today.