Jam Out This Summer with the Hottest and Latest in Car Audio in NJ

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Discover 2022’s Top Car Audio Amplifiers and Other Stereo-Related Car Accessories

Ditch your car’s underpowered, from-the-factory amplifier this summer and opt to upgrade your car stereo with one that lets you turn up the music – and the bass – as you have fun in the sun.

For summer 2022, our car stereo installation technicians are loving these car audio amplifiers from some of the most reputable brands. Find these at our car accessories stores in New Jersey – Auto Image Brick and Auto Image East Brunswick.

JL Audio XD700/5v2 Car Audio Amplifier

If high-level outputs in an itty bitty box are what you’re looking for, this car audio amplifier from JL Audio will exceed your expectations. Proprietary NexD technology plays your music with true fidelity.

A cast alloy heatsink and cooling system keeps it at the right temperature, so your music keeps playing and playing. Delivering a whopping 75 watts RMS to each of your speakers and powering a sub up to 300 watts, this JL Audio amp works in almost any vehicle without the need for RCA connections or a remote turn-on lead.

Pioneer GM-DX975

This limited-edition 5-channel car audio amplifier features a wired remote control bass boost, gold-plated RCA connections, and 75 watts RMS to each of your front and rear speakers. Your sub receives a massive 600 watts, and its high-tech insides keep it cool.

The frequency response of the full-range channels goes up to 50,000 Hz, supporting perfectly clear playback the way the recording artist intended you to hear your music.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Car Audio Amplifier

Get the reputation of Rockford Fosgate in a powerful, durable car audio amplifier like this single-channel amp for an attractive price.

Delivering 500 watts of power in a fairly compact size, this amp has a “punch bass” feature built-in that adds some low-end tones that you can adjust remotely. A cast aluminum heatsink prevents it from overheating, even as you blast your favorite songs while cruising the Jersey Shore this summer.

Alpine S-A60M Subwoofer Amplifier

Big bass in a little package – what’s not to like? It delivers 600 watts RMS to your sub with a footprint smaller than 8×8 inches, so it fits almost anywhere, even in your compact car. For long drives with loud music, this amp’s enhanced shutdown performance technology temporarily decreases its output if it threatens to overheat. This way, it keeps playing your music until it cools down enough to return to its full, immense power.

It’s also compatible with nearly all factory stereos, and an optional wired remote puts you in control of your bass level, without getting out from behind the wheel.

Focal AP 4340 Car Audio Amplifier for the Budget-Minded

If you need to add power to your car stereo, the Focal AP 4340 is a good choice without emptying your wallet. A high-fidelity Class AB amp, it powers four speakers at 70 watts RMS – or two at 95 watts RMS. In bridged mode, it delivers 190 watts RMS to two speakers.

Its case is on the larger side of the latest car audio amplifiers, but this is your exchange for this amp being one of the most affordable.

Kenwood KAC-M3001

Founded in mid-century Japan, Kenwood has since made a name for itself as one of the finest producers of car audio equipment in the world.

The KAC-M3001 Class D amp delivers 300 watts RMS of power in a compact little size, measuring less than 4 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches, and weighing only two pounds. We like how easy it is to install; it automatically recognizes a signal in your car stereo and turns itself on. Two RCA inputs, a MOSFET power supply, and easy-to-understand indicator lights round out this great offering from Kenwood.

Kick It With a Kicker Car Audio Amplifier

The KICKER CX400.1 400-watt class D mono amplifier is a great value from a well-known brand in car audio. With an output of 400 watts RMS, a built-in boost for lower frequencies, and an optional remote bass controller, this car audio amplifier delivers big sound from its compact footprint and stable performance at 1 ohm.

Alpine PDX-V9

A five-channel car amplifier, the Alpine PDX-V9 boasts outrageous power, sending 100 watts RMS to each of four speakers, plus 500 watts to your subs. The largest of most amps we’re highlighting, the PDX-V9, its case measures 10 ⅛ inches wide by 2 ⅙ inches high by 16 inches deep – so you’ll need considerable room in your car for this one.

Quick-connect speaker connectors and variable low-pass, high-pass, and subsonic filters are standard, but you’ll need 4-gauge power and ground leads, which don’t come with the amp. (For professional installation with all the right parts, let Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick, New Jersey, take care of it for you.)

JL Audio VX600/1i

From JL’s VXi series amplifiers comes the VX600/1i, a mono subwoofer amplifier with digital signature processing at 600 watts RMS at 2 ohms. A shortened signal path through the amp puts the output capacitor banks closer to the outputs, which makes it more efficient and capable of delivering superior audio quality.

Like the Alpine car audio amplifier, this one from JL Audio is not a budget amp, but when you get yours at Auto Image, you’ll reap your rewards in hard-hitting bass notes that’ll vibrate in your brain.

Add Your Amp With Professional Car Stereo Installation in New Jersey

Leave car stereo installation and messing with electrical wiring to the experts at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey. Our team knows how to conceal what needs to be hidden and showcase what needs to stand out to make your new car stereo look like it was custom-made for your vehicle.

Shop for new car accessories and stereo components at Auto Image, and schedule an installation appointment at the same time. Your car will soon be ready to blast beats with a powerful new car audio amplifier. And stay cool this summer in New Jersey with window tint, too.