6 Reasons Your Commercial Vehicles Need Vinyl Wrap in New Jersey

black and white photo of commercial vehicles lined up, with a stripe of colorization

Vehicle Wraps Set Your Business Apart and Catch Eyes as You Drive By

Whether you’re an established business owner or just starting out, your most important goal is to gain customers so you can make money and grow your company. But if you don’t look the part, if your audience doesn’t know you exist, or if they don’t know how to get in touch with you, then you have a problem.

Auto Image has a solution: vehicle wraps emblazoned with your logo and business information. Wanna know more? Check out these six reasons you should get your company vehicle wrapped at our auto accessories store in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Modern Vinyl Wraps Are So Much Better Than You Think

Gone are the days of the stick-on vinyl letters that denote from-home plumbing businesses. If you want your business to look legit, a vehicle wrap is a step in the right direction.

Because people understand that a vinyl wrap is an investment, they’ll take your business more seriously than if you bought 98-cent letter stickers from the hardware store.

Pay Once for a Long-Term Advertising Campaign

Compared to traditional advertising costs, a vehicle wrap is an affordable way to market your business. For a one-time fee – the cost of producing and applying the wrap – you’re advertising your company for up to seven years, depending on the type of vinyl wrap you choose. You’ll spend more on radio ads than you will on a vehicle wrap!

Vehicle Wraps Catch Attention

When you’re driving down I-95 in your company vehicle, it’s easy to blend in with all the other trucks and vans. But if you have a vehicle or truck wrap applied by the pros at Auto Image, you won’t look the same. Bold custom graphics in bright colors catch the eye of other drivers.

Vehicle Wraps Are Memorable

Other drivers will remember seeing a vinyl-wrapped vehicle, especially if the graphics are interesting, easily readable, and in a contrasting color palette.

If other people on the road in New Jersey remember seeing your commercial vehicle with its wrap, then your business is more likely to come to their minds when they need your goods or services.

Vehicle Wraps Tell People How to Contact You

Although some vehicle owners opt for vehicle wraps to add personality to their daily driver, they’re more common on commercial vehicles. And most commercial vehicle wraps include contact information for the business they represent. Add your phone number or web address to your vehicle wrap so people know how to get in touch with you.

You can even add a QR code to your truck wrap for people to scan if they come across your vehicle in a parking lot!

Vehicle Wraps Complete Your Business’s Branding

Your business’s brand includes the aesthetics that represent your company and sets the tone for how people perceive it. You want your company car to align with your brand.

For example, if you provide a hot mobile DJ service for weddings and other big parties, but you drive around in a plain white panel van, no one will believe you’re the talk of New Jersey. But if you add a vibrant vehicle wrap to your van that not only lists the name of your business but matches your entire vibe, people are more likely to believe in your expertise and skills.

More Ways You Can Put Your Company’s Car to Work For You

Auto Image can help your business vehicle look its best any time you’re out in public. Schedule an auto detailing appointment to keep your ride super-clean, or opt for our New Jersey window tint services for a major vehicle glow-up.

And if a vinyl wrap isn’t your speed, you should at least consider auto paint protection film, which prevents wear and tear to your vehicle’s exterior. No one likes a roughed-up-looking company vehicle!

It’s Time to Grow Your Business With Help from Auto Image

Stand out, stay top-of-mind, and look the part with help from Auto Image, the Jersey Shore’s favorite auto accessories store. Our expert technicians are here to help you transform your business truck or van into the best-looking marketing tool in the state.

To get started, contact the location nearest you to make an appointment. Near Brick, call (732) 920-0606, and near East Brunswick, call (732) 254-2727. Or send us a message online to learn more about vehicle wraps, auto paint protection film, auto detailing, and window tint in New Jersey!