Product Spotlight: AMP Research BedStep and BedStep2

AMP Research BedStepIf you own a pickup truck, drop by Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick to see the AMP Research BedStep and BedStep2 motorized rear bumper and box-side access platforms. Using the same philosophy as their amazing PowerStep motorized running boards, the BedStep products make accessing your truck bed quick, easy and safe. Let’s look at the BedStep and BedStep2 in detail.

AMP Research BedStep

AMP Research BedStepDesigned to allow easy access to your truck bed, the BedStep is a manually-operated bumper step that folds down quickly and easily to make accessing the bed of your truck easier and safe. The step drops down six inches from its storage position to make climbing into the bed or accessing cargo much more manageable.

The BedStep mounts securely to your vehicle beneath or beside the rear bumper on the driver’s side of your truck. The step is constructed from the same aluminum alloy brackets as the PowerStep. It uses stainless-steel pivot pins and self-lubricating bushings for years of reliable operation.

AMP Research BedStep2

AMP Research BedStepJust as the BedStep makes accessing the back of your pickup truck bed easy, the BedStep2 provides the same convenience for the other end of your truck bed. If you have a toolbox, storage locker or your cargo has slid back behind the cab, the BedStep2 is the solution. The BedStep2 mounts securely to your truck and provides a secure step platform between the rear wheel and the cab of your truck.

Truck Bed Step Features

Both steps feature a ridged, non-slip step molded using fiberglass-reinforced resin. The step provides safe and secure footing even when wet, muddy or snowy. AMP Research has chosen a Military-Spec, corrosion resistance PTFE coating for the aluminum brackets to ensure they can put up with whatever abuse Mother Nature throws their way. The steps can support up to 300 lbs. We can install the BedStep2 on the driver or passenger side of the vehicle by reversing some of the included brackets.

The AMP Research BedStep and BedStep2 include a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Add Safety and Convenience to Your Pickup Truck at Auto Image

Whether your truck is bone stock or has a massive lift kit and huge tires, the AMP Research BedStep and BedStep2 step platforms make using your truck much easier. Drop by Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick to see the entire line of AMP Research products, including the PowerStep, BedStep and BedExtender products. If you have any questions for our truck accessory experts, give our store nearest to you a call or send us an e-mail using our online contact form.