Solar Gard Window Tint in New Jersey Can Do What?

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5 Ways This Remarkable Brand Works for You

There’s nothing like a tint from Solar Gard! They’re an industry leader in professional-grade window films that provide incredible protection from the sun while you’re driving – and that’s just the start. Combined with a sleek and professional-look, you can’t go wrong with a Solar Gard window tint installation from Auto Image.

If you’ve never heard of this remarkable brand, sit back, and read these top reasons your window tint in New Jersey should be Solar Gard.

1. Window Tint From Solar Gard Cuts Your Cancer Risk

Even though you’re riding safely inside your vehicle, you’re still exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays – except with Solar Gard window tint installation! You can cut your cancer risk with this tint, because it has UV protection equivalent to SPF 285. As a matter of fact, window tinting is so effective at blocking UV rays that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint installation as part of your full cancer-preventing skin care routine.

Tint Shop Talk: We love Solar Gard at Auto Image, because it comes in over 22 different shades and finishes. This gives us even more power to customize your ride. Check out our window tint simulator to test out tint on your vehicle.

2. Window Tint Protects More Than Your Skin

When you’re trying to keep the interior of your car clean, you’re mostly worried about crumbs and spilled drinks. However, the sun is your number one enemy, especially if you have leather seats. Without window tint installation, UV rays cause damage to your seats and dash are inevitable. Soon, you’ll notice cracks and discoloration in your seats and dash, which can be extremely expensive to repair.

Tint Shop Talk: You don’t have to go dark to protect your skin and your interior features from the sun. Our window tint shop in New Jersey can install tint that’s crystal clear or light gray. All you need to do is discuss your driving style with one of our technicians, and we’ll customize a window tint installation for you!

3. Deter Thieves With Window Tint in New Jersey

It doesn’t matter where you live. When a thief sees the opportunity to smash and grab, they’re going to take it. Top-notch window tint installation can save the day and your stuff from getting stolen. That’s because tinted glass holds together as a solid piece, instead of shattering into your car. This makes it difficult for thieves to get into your vehicle. Window tint can also offer you more privacy. When someone can’t see into your car, they are less likely to break your windows in order to steal your valuables.

Tint Shop Talk: Solar Gard is one of the best window tint brands available, but you can do more to protect your vehicle. Ask our technicians about installing one of our security systems at Auto Image. Security systems are simple for our technicians to install, so contact us today so you can confidently park your car anywhere.

4. Reduce Glare While You Drive With Solar Gard

Window tint installation pulls double duty when it comes to glare. Of course, it can reduce glare from the sun, but it can also diminish glare at night. It’s easy for you to be momentarily distracted by harsh city lights, which can lead to an accident. With window tint, you can drive more confidently and see the road clearly.

Tint Shop Talk: Many people think window tint in New Jersey will significantly reduce their visibility. This is only a concern with extreme window tints, which are illegal in most states. Our technicians will only reduce glare, which improves your visibility, and doesn’t reduce it.

5. Winter is No Match for Window Tint Installation

It’s well known that window tint keeps the inside of your car extra cool in the winter. Did you know it can keep you ultra-warm in the winter, too? The extra layer provided by a high-quality window tint shop in New Jersey keeps the heat from escaping your car when it’s cold. Give old man winter the one, two punch – combine window tint and a remote start installation to stay extra cozy.

Tint Talk Shop: Make your car a triple threat this winter by keeping the inside warm with window tint and remote start, and maintaining the exterior with auto paint protection film. The chemicals used to treat winter roads can seriously damage your paint, talk to our professionals today about weather-proofing your vehicle.

Auto Image Has More Than the Best Window Tinting Near You

We also have the best technicians! It doesn’t matter if you want a custom vehicle wrap or incredible window tint installation, our experts are here to give your vehicle what it needs to look and perform its best. Don’t waste your time with other New Jersey tint shops. Come to Auto Image, and give your car the complete car it deserves.

To schedule an appointment for a consultation to customize your vehicle, call our East Brunswick location at (732) 254-2727, our shop in Brick at (732) 920-0606, or contact us online. Ask us how we can give your car, truck, or SUV more power with aftermarket air intakes, chips, and superchargers!