The History of Vinyl Car Wraps

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And Are They Worth the Investment?

These days, vinyl car wraps are found on every kind of vehicle. They’re the perfect way to customize the outside of your car without committing to an expensive paint job, and protect your vehicle from the elements. Though they seem like a new invention, car wraps have been around for a long time.

Read this quick history about vinyl car wraps, and find out why Auto Image is your one-stop-shop for auto accessories.

These Auto Accessories Started With Chocolate

In 1900, Milton Hershey became the first person to use an automobile to advertise his cocoa. After seeing his success, many other businesses advertised their products on the sides of vehicles with elaborate and beautiful designs.

This trend held true for over 50 years. However, the paint they used couldn’t stand up to the elements and would fade quickly. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that another material accidentally drove onto the scene and changed the world of auto accessories forever – polyvinyl chloride.

How an Accident Led to Car Wraps

Polyvinyl chloride was accidentally discovered by BF Goodrich in 1926. A scientist who worked for the company was assigned the task of finding a material that could replace natural rubber as lining for metal tanks. Through his research, he found that polyvinyl chloride could be dissolved and molded.

At first, Goodrich adapted this discovery for two very specific applications: shoe heels and chemical rack coating. Eventually, a whole new line of vinyl products became available.

Fact: Vinyl is an ultra-diverse product. It can be thick, thin, flexible, firm, and come in any color you can imagine. That’s why it’s perfect for vinyl wraps in New Jersey. Auto Image can adapt your wrap anyway you want and even apply a customized image for you.

The U.S. Government Wanted Vinyl

By the 1950s, vinyl was the material of choice for the government and large company vehicle advertisements. It was durable, bright, and could be changed in almost an instant. There was just one problem – vinyl wraps and graphics were expensive! Small companies and personal vehicle owners could not afford to use vinyl.

Thankfully, by the 1980s advancements in die-cutting technology, the process in which you use a machine to cut out intricate shapes made vinyl wrap production a lot easier. This made it easier for small businesses to use vinyl to advertise on their trucks.

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Paint Remained King Until the 90s

In the early 1990s, vinyl was still an expensive product, and was primarily used as a method to advertise on vehicles like trucks and buses. They loved the look of vinyl letter logos and letters. However, paint remained the most popular way to customize your car. Thankfully, the end of the 1990s brought a dramatic leap in printing technology.

Fact: Auto Image installs the best and most durable vinyl wraps in New Jersey. They are designed to never crack or fade, and protect your car’s paint from harmful UV rays. This means when you remove your vinyl wrap, the paint underneath it will be pristine.

The Benefits of Vinyl Car Wraps

Over two decades into the 21st century, vinyl vehicle wrapping has advanced considerably. Now, car owners everywhere can customize their vehicles with colors and graphics, and it won’t be difficult or expensive.

So, other than making your vehicle look stunning – what are the other benefits of getting a vinyl wrap in New Jersey?

Car Wraps are Durable
One of the most incredible things about vinyl is that it’s just as strong as it is flexible. It’s remarkably resistant to ripping, scratching, and warping. This protects your paint, which can increase your resale value when you decide to upgrade your car.

No Commitment
Vinyl car wraps are car accessories that can be removed by a professional easily and quickly. That gives you the opportunity to update the look of your car whenever you want. Rebranding your business? No problem. Just remove the car wrap and start advertising with your new look.

Cost Effective
Vehicle wraps cost half as much as a new paint job. Plus, it’s just as durable and impressive as a high-quality paint job. This is especially important if you choose to advertise your business on several vehicles.

Design Options
Getting a custom paint job requires a fine eye for detail, a steady hand, and a fair amount of time. In fact, a quality paint job for your car can take a couple weeks. When you get a vinyl wrap in New Jersey, it only takes a couple days at most and your graphic design is picture-perfect.

Wait – Is Car Paint Protection Film the Same as Vinyl Wrap?

Not quite. Vinyl wrap is applied a little thinner than car paint protection film. It provides better protection from deep scratches and tough scuffs and it’s crystal clear. However, car wraps can still shield your car from minor rock chips, sticky sap, and the negative effects of UV light.

Fact: Auto Image Has Best Auto Accessories in New Jersey

Our doors have been open since 1987, which means we truly know the history of vinyl wraps on vehicles. Auto Image is clean, professional, and filled with a knowledgeable team that can’t wait to upgrade your vehicle.

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