The Benefits of Truck Bed Cover Installation in New Jersey

truck bed covers in New Jersey

How Truck Bed Covers and Other Truck Accessories Can Save You Money

Whether to install a truck bed cover or not is a dilemma that many people encounter. While this is a decision that depends on individual requirements and preferences, a few points regarding the benefits of a truck bed cover can help in that decision.

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We put our experience of over 30 years in the automotive accessories industry to good use and came up with some tips to help you decide whether you need a truck bed cover, and if so, the things to consider before investing in one. Consider these points before you get a bed cover for your truck to ensure that you make an informed choice.

Theft Prevention

The foremost advantage of installing a truck bed cover is theft prevention. A truck bed cover ensures that cargo, tools, and everything else in your pickup is covered and secured. It also saves you the hassle of loading and unloading your tools every time you want to carry them by allowing you to leave them in the truck.

However, do bear in mind that a soft vinyl cover or any soft cover can only offer limited protection, and it can be ripped open. If you plan to haul high-value cargo, it is advisable to invest in a hard-shell cover, typically made of aluminum or fiberglass.

Moisture Protection

With a bed that’s always open to the elements, exposure to moisture, whether in the form of rain or snow, is a constant worry. A truck bed cover can protect your goods from moisture, thereby allowing you more flexibility in the types of cargo or materials that you can haul.

Again, do consider that soft covers may warp under the weight of snow and can fail in the absence of sufficient support in the form of metallic frames or panels.

Protecting from Dust, Dirt, and Debris

The three Ds – dust, dirt, and debris – can be a real problem, especially in areas where the roads aren’t paved. It can leave the stuff in your truck bed dirty after a long drive. Cleaning up your cargo and the truck bed frequently can become a chore, so a truck bed cover can save you time and energy.

Keep Things in Your Truck Bed

A bumpy road and a fully loaded truck with an open bed can mean that some of your cargo doesn’t make it to your destination. If you want to keep cargo from falling off your truck, it is probably a good idea to get a truck bed cover. No matter how bumpy the ride is, your goods will stay in the bed of your truck.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Installing a truck bed cover improves the aerodynamic profile of a truck by reducing the drag. Lesser drag – or resistance – implies better gas mileage, which can eventually reduce running costs and save money. The savings can add up quickly if you regularly drive long distances. The savings due to improved fuel efficiency alone might be a good enough reason to get a truck bed cover.

Enhance the Look of Your Truck

All the tools, accessories, cargo, and anything else you’re carrying can be neatly tucked away from plain sight under the truck bed, making your truck look sharper. A truck bed cover also protects the truck bed from the elements and reduces the overall wear and tear.

Carry More Cargo

Although this applies only to hard shell covers, it is worth mentioning. A hard-shell truck bed cover usually allows you to haul some cargo on top of it. However, the load-bearing capacity varies based on design and material used. Be sure to check the safe limits before carrying loads on top of the truck bed cover.

Truck Bed Installation in New Jersey

We hope the points mentioned above will help you in your decision about investing in a truck bed cover. If you need any further assistance in picking the right truck bed cover for your truck, Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick has a solution that matches your needs and budget. Drop by one of our stores or book an appointment online. One of our team members would be glad to assist you.