The Pitfalls of DIY Window Tinting

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Why You Should Leave Car Window Tinting to the Experts

Here at Auto Image in New Jersey, we know that window tinting is an extremely attractive add-on for cars of all shapes and sizes. Tinting your windows not only enhances privacy, but also reduces heat coming into your car in the hot summer months. And although it may seem like a relatively simple process, it’s actually harder than people think. We’ll explain a few good reasons why you should skip DIY window tinting and leave this type of job to a professional.


First, you should note that most DIY window tint kits are not made with superior quality in mind. They are made to be cheap and affordable, which causes them to be flimsy and overall not a permanent solution to tinting your windows. And if you don’t have the correct knowledge on how to tint your windows, the lower grade film from these DIY kits definitely will not hold up over time. You’ll inevitably find yourself with air bubbles, creases, and debris stuck between the film and the window. Things that you won’t encounter with a professionally installed window tint.

Here at Auto Image New Jersey, quality and reliability are our top concern and we’ll make sure your car leaves looking brand new. You’ll never doubt our quality or authenticity.


At Auto Image, we know that car window tinting appeals to many people for the protection it offers the inside of your vehicle. However, DIY window tinting is made more for affordability and looks rather than protection and performance. Not only will applying window tint yourself give you a less reliable film, but it will also give you one that offers much less protection than a professionally installed window tint.

DIY window tint kits won’t be regulated to truly keep out heat or block UV rays, unlike professionally tinted windows.

State Regulations

Most people are aware that there are guidelines on how dark a window tint can be, but few people know specifically what those guidelines are. By applying window tint yourself, you run the risk of law enforcement pulling you over due to window tinting that does not fit within the legal state guidelines. Car window tint guidelines in New Jersey are extremely specific on which windows can be tinted and to what degree. And after going through all the effort of applying your own window tint, being told that your hard work is illegal is the last thing you want.

Here at Auto Image New Jersey, we’re familiar with the regulations. You’ll never be pulled over for improperly tinted windows applied under our supervision.

Return Policy

When you opt to do window tint installation yourself, you own any mistakes that are made. You’ve committed to taking full responsibility for the job, however it may turn out and however durable it may be.

At Auto Image, we don’t just leave you on your own once you purchase a product or service from us. With our car window tinting services, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll be backed by a company with a strong reputation. We won’t let you leave with a job that you’re not satisfied with. We’ll make sure it’s right the first time. And if it’s not, we’ll do what we can to make it right for you.


By improperly applying window tint to your vehicle, you could ultimately damage your windows. If you’ve ever applied a screen protector to your favorite mobile device, you know that you’re applying a giant clear sticker to your device. Window tints work the same way but on a much larger scale. You’re applying an adhesive that’s meant to be extremely durable to the windows of your car. It’s meant to stick and not come off.

What this means for DIY window tinting kits is that they will be virtually impossible to cleanly remove once they’re applied. They will begin to come off on their own over time, as they are not as durable as professionally applied window tints, but you won’t be able to easily remove the whole thing; it’ll come off in patches and create air bubbles underneath, leaving you with a mess all over your windows.

Professional Window Tint Installation in New Jersey

At Auto Image, we strive to deliver excellent quality and to provide our customers with the knowledge to make informed decisions. We don’t recommend applying window tint to your car yourself, but if you’re determined to give it a try, we want you to know the risks. Give us a call for some tips and pointers before you get started. And if you decide to let us apply tint for you, know that you can trust us to deliver you with the highest quality possible.

Use our online window tint simulator to see what your car would look like with the wide variety of tints we offer. Once you’ve found something you love, feel free to book an appointment online at Auto Image in Brick, NJ or Auto Image in East Brunswick, NJ. We look forward to meeting your needs.