Where to Go to Get the Best Window Tinting Services in New Jersey

 Window Tinting Services

Introducing Auto Image Car Services

If you are looking for professional, experienced, and honest auto detailing and maintenance services, then look no further than Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Auto Image was founded in 1987 and it is an integral part of the commercial car services in the region.

Auto Image provides high quality and top-the-line services, window tinting services, treatments, and accessories for motorcycles, cars, trucks, and vans. The diverse portfolio of services offered by Auto Image is managed by highly professional, dedicated, and motivated automotive technicians who are specialized and skilled in the tradecraft of car detailing, part installation, and interior and exterior design.

Auto Image has a welcoming and safe showroom, whose staff seeks to put customer needs above their own. Services, parts, and paint repair are all competitively priced and affordable for individuals on a tight budget. Auto Image prides itself on efficiency, courtesy, and professionalism to all new and returning customers.

Automotive Detailing and Window Tinting

Auto Image’s most sought-after service is automotive detailing and window tinting. Auto Image employees and specialized technicians pay attention to every detail when conducting their multipoint interior and exterior inspection, treatment, and cleaning of vehicles. If you plan to sell your car or you are simply interested in keeping your car in immaculate condition, then Auto Image will provide you with a menu of service options that includes simple cleaning all the way to multi step polishing, vacuuming, upholstery treatment, and interior surface repairs that have scratches, dings, or missing parts replacement.

For cars that have a history of smoke from cigarettes or other herbal products, Auto Image has the perfect treatment plan for your car that includes intensive surface polishing, odor removal, and patching up of cigarette burns.

One of the most popular services that Auto Image offers is The Classic Image package, which is a basic service option that provides hand washing, scrubbing, polishing and waxing of the interior. The Classic Image package also includes limited exterior detailing, vacuuming, and carpet dirt removal. For customers who are dedicated to their car have the option of selecting the premium package option, VIP Image, which is a multipoint detailing procedure that includes polishing chrome surfaces, paint sealing, cleaning and polishing door panels, instrument panels, and polishing the rims and wheels.

Why is Auto Image the Best Window Tinting in the Tristate Area?

Auto Image is ranked number one among its competition. Auto Image consistently receives high scores on customer satisfaction ratings and its technicians are among the best in training, expertise, and demonstrating high levels of professionalism and competency in their specializations.

Auto Image offers a variety of standard and custom services depending on each individual client’s needs. With many of our customers fulfilling service roles in the gig economy for companies like Uber and Lyft rideshare services, we understand the importance of having a highly clean, polished, and welcoming car interior that is free of glaring UV light, obnoxious odors, dirt, pet hair, and stains. We want our customers to maintain the pride in their cars and trucks for years to come so that they can achieve success and happiness whether they are commuting to work or leisurely traveling around town.

What Services Does Auto Image Offer?

Starting with automotive detailing, Auto Image has expanded its portfolio of services over the years to include a number of popular services, such as installation and repair of infotainment and sound systems. Auto Image maintains a diverse portfolio of services that includes repairing electronic sensors, replacing light bulbs, and installing or repairing dashboard instruments, such as, the speedometer, tachometer, trip odometer, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, battery charging lamp, low oil pressure lamp, and other indicators.

Our technicians are constantly receiving training and learning how to interpret schematics for a length list of vehicles and models. Recently, our technicians have been learning how to work on self-driving and electric vehicles, which we predict will eventually dominate a large percentage of our market share as these types of vehicles become more available.

We offer a variety of product options for driver safety that are fully installed and guaranteed to provide you and your loved one with the highest quality of assurance. Our experts will only install the highest rated safety products that have been researched and reported in Consumer Reports. We provide a variety of design and customization options that match our customer’s needs. We take great care and detail to make sure that the level of service we offer our differing customers is uniform and equal, regardless of if it’s your personal car or if you run a limousine service. It is our highest priority to make sure we keep our customers safe, that we are complying with national transportation safety standards, and that your car and its performance is compliant with the law.

What Type of Services Do You Provide for Infotainment Systems?

As touchscreen computers and cars become more and more integrated, our service technicians are training to maintain and install your product preferences, such as Android and Apple to enhance your driving experience with the highest quality bass and speaker audio systems.

If you drive a high-end car that has fully integrated infotainment systems such as Tesla’s NVIDIA or Intel infotainment systems, then our technicians are prepared to help you manage and maintain the operations for your system, so that you can continue to have a safe and pleasant driving experience.

Our technicians specialize in installing custom stereo and dash systems that include custom molds for housing the system. Auto Image offers basic system packages to high-end systems that include touchscreen and Bluetooth possibilities for nearly any type of vehicle.

Our technicians can install fully integrated systems that include Double DIN video units that display backup cameras and blind spots. We provide installation of GPS navigation systems, XM satellite radio, amplifiers, and subwoofers. We only install the highest quality brand stereo system models like JL Audio, Focal, Alpine, Mascon, and Pioneer.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Finally, we encourage prospective customers to come and visit our showroom so that they can learn about our other leading services that include paint protection film, remote start and security, truck accessories (e.g. bed covers, steps, lighting), rims and tires, suspension configuration, and window tints.